Rising Star of Global Healthcare


The MTA would like to thank our members and supporters for their continued encouragement in making this journal a success. The overwhelming response to the Medical Tourism Magazine is fantastic. Each day we receive more and more requests for subscriptions to the magazine including many US physicians and insurance agents.

Thank you all for your positive feedback. We will strive each month to increase the content and depth of this magazine.In just one day this month we received subscription requests from nine US health care companies and Third Party Administrators. This is on top of the almost 1000 US health insurance agents and healthcare companies that already receive our magazine.

Many of our international hospitals have requested that the Medical Tourism Association focus on foreign buyers specifically in the United States and we certainly have achieved that goal in 2007. In 2008 our goal is to have the magazine translated into Spanish Chinese and Arabic making it a truly international magazine attracting foreign buyers and those interested in global healthcare from around the world.

This should be accomplished by March of this year. The Association is also looking at different countries for the opportunity to open our international office in Asia in 2008.Please feel free to contact us about writing or suggesting articles for our magazine as we are always looking for interesting topics. Also please feel free to submit a letter to the editor. This is your magazine so feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

This month we have focused on India. Rising star in the global healthcare industry with the experience of decades of excellence in heathcare it is no wonder that its hospitals are expanding and exporting its centers of excellence all over the globe. If you believe you have seen what India can do you haven't seen anything yet!

Renée-Marie Stephano is General Counsel and a Director of the Medical Tourism Association Inc. an international non-profit organization that serves international healthcare providers and medical travel facilitators in the global healthcare industry. Renée-Marie is an attorney licensed to practice law in the states of Florida Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has a background in litigation and health law. She is also Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine a monthly journal serving the global healthcare industry by free subscription at www.medicaltravelauthority.com. Renée-Marie may be reached at Renee@medicaltravelauthority.com.

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