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Shared Hospital Pilot in Hangzhou; Personalized Medical Care

Jonathan Edelheit
Medical Tourism Association
Destination Spotlight

The Shared Medical Service, as a medical model, is beginning to gain recognition among many people, groups, and healthcare organizations. Recently, the Provincial Committee on Health and Family Planning in Zhejiang released the approval for the Medical Tech & Full-cycle Service Shared Site Pilot among Hospitals & Clinics in Hangzhou.

The Full-cycle Medical Department will provide shared medical services including Med-tech departments, pharmacies, as well as laboratory rooms for pathology, ultrasound, and medical imaging for medical organizations that participate in the Full-cycle International MedicalMall.

This Medical Service Shared Model is referred to as a “Shared Hospital” as this gets a more social appeal. It is literarily translated as MedicalMall differentiating it from the previous independent model of operation of hospitals and clinics.

The MedicalMall model, in fact, began in the United States in the 1980s and the biggest characteristic of this model is that all medical organizations involved share the infrastructure of Med-tech room, Pharmacy Department and Operation Room, and the cost of the equipment. This model benefits the patients as they can get one-stop medical service in one location.

How will the MedicalMall change the ordinary people’s lives? Compared with the large public hospital, what is its advantage?

With increasing social development, people’s healthcare needs become more diversified and large public hospitals are unable to meet the needs of different levels of individual medical services. What is worth mentioning, also, is that the development of a MedicalMall provides a platform for physicians to replace the old medical systems with entrepreneurial innovations to meet the diversified medical demands.

Although, the MedicalMall can’t provide exactly the same medical treatment as independent hospitals as some healthcare services such as intensive care. Similarly, emergency surgery or major surgical procedures cannot be provided in the Mall. However, some provide special treatment with more social demands, such as oral surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, cosmetic surgery and other special medical services can be provided in the Mall.

Why does Zhejiang become the first pilot for the model of a MedicalMall? What is the factor differentiating it from other provinces? In fact, setting up the MedicalMall is not because of a social benefit but because of the province’s strong medical advantage, having thousands of registered medical organizations and licensed physicians and its strong entrepreneurial atmosphere for the new model in Zhejiang.

Situated in the City Life Plaza, Hangzhou Plaza No.501, from its 9th to 22nd floor, this complex has specialized clinics and other health services including Huichuntang Pharmaceutical, Xingkang Clinic, Wellem and other well-known clinics where the consumers can enjoy a multidimensional experience for shopping and receiving healthcare services.

Issues of Medical Safety

Situated in such an atmosphere, it is imperative that the management department prioritizes medical security and ensures a more congenial atmosphere for entrepreneurial innovation. The core of medical services is the medical staff and the key element of security is the management. Therefore, as long as the management is adequate and proper policies are made, the security can be guaranteed.

An agreement should also be made between MedicalMall and the medical organizations involved, to clarify the responsibilities, rights, and interests of each party regarding the medical safety and quality of medical services. Additionally, a Quality Management Committee may be set up, with the committee members should be selected from the participating medical organizations, to ensure that the security of the shared medical resources is guaranteed.

The MedicalMall is a promising development in this region which will not only cater to the diverse healthcare demands of the citizens but will expand China’s global reach to international health tourists.

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共享医院杭州展开试点 患者可享个性化医疗服务

共享医疗,正在被越来越多的人熟知。近日,省卫计委发布 《关于杭州全程健康医疗门诊部开展医技等共享服务试点的批复》(以下简称批复),同意杭州全程健康医疗门诊部为入驻全程国际MedicalMall的其他医疗机构提供检验、病理、超声、医学影像等医技科室及药房、手术室等共享服务试点








在位于杭州江干区的杭州大厦501城市生活广场,这里的9层至22层间,赫然出现了方回春堂、杏康门诊、维尔诺儿科等知名专科诊所,消费者可以在医疗商城感受消费购物与医疗服务的多维体验。 “这意味着有更舒适的就医环境,就医的私密性也将得到保障。”随着社会发展,人们的就医需求也趋向多元化,大型公立医院因其功能定位面向社会大众,无法满足不同层次人群的医疗服务需求。





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