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Silver Sponsor Spotlight: Spartan Bioscience

Industry News

The Medical Tourism Association in Conjunction with the Medical Tourism Magazine is excited to have Spartan Bioscience as a Silver Sponsor at this years’ World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Chicago, IL on October 25-28th.

Founded in 2005, Spartan provides DNA testing systems for decentralized and point-of-care (POC) applications.

Products include end-to-end solutions for pharmacogenetics, infectious diseases, and food and water safety testing.

Spartan's systems provide results in 1 hour at a fraction of the cost of central laboratory testing.

Spartan offers the Spartan RX and the Spartan DX-12, two state of the art POC devices that provide results on demand.

Spartan RX

The Spartan RX is the first sample-to-result POC DNA testing device in medicine. Samples are collected non-invasively from patients and test results are provided in 1 hour. The system is designed to be operated by nurses or other care-givers. The first application is a pharmacogenetic test for heart attack patients. It helps cardiologists determine the best anti-blood clotting drug for the patient's genotype.

Spartan DX-12

Spartan's other system is the Spartan DX-12, a low-throughput device around which Spartan has developed end-to-end solutions for infectious diseases and food and water safety. Applications include pediatric meningitis, tuberculosis, H1N1, and Listeria testing.

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