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Singapore ~ Destination Health: Outstanding Clinical Outcomes and World Class Patient Focused Care

Destination Spotlight

Singapore is home to over 4 million residents; all of whom benefit from a thriving biomedical industry, an integrated healthcare structure, a large base of skilled medical professionals, the latest in medical technology and an international standard judiciary system.

These foundational elements, among others, have contributed significantly to Singapore longstanding reputation and healthcare capabilities as a bio-health hub and medical marvel destination in Asia. While all of these attributes are commendable, and places Singapore on the medical tourism, health and wellness map, there is one aspect that places them on the forefront as a world-class destination ~ that of the patient experience.

70-year-old Canadian resident, Marguerite, had a history of scoliosis since her teens.  Although she had undergone two successful surgeries in the past, she still had recurrent back pain that flared up occasionally. Over the years, her pain ebbed and flowed, but became increasingly debilitating to the point where she could no longer work full-time as a layout editor.

Finally in September 2008, Marguerite made her decision to travel to Singapore for her back problem upon hearing of Parkway Health’s excellent medical capabilities and healthcare facilities in Singapore. Upon receiving the necessary clinical care and pain management protocols she has been able to benefit from an overall higher quality of life since treatment.

Another international patient, U.S. resident Annie Bujakowski from Big Bear City, California flew over 9,000 miles for knee replacement surgery at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore instead of pursuing surgical treatment options in the US. The surgery was performed successfully and achieved its desired clinical outcome, while resulting in significant savings to her employer as well.

Patient-focused Care

Upon traveling to Singapore for medical treatment, it is evident that patient-focused care is a core value. Medical service teams throughout Singapore’s healthcare institutions are well versed in serving international patients; providing excellent clinical care, and highly effective customer care, all in a delivery quotient that achieves the highest possible outcomes in overall patient experience.

They are guided by principles of providing seamless and effective care; working to ensure that the patient and their loved ones have a pleasant and comfortable experience from pre-arrival to follow-up care.

Dallas, a 20-year-old Orlando native and four-time X-games champion was a recipient of attentive care and medical expertise while at Changi General Hospital (CGH) in Singapore. Known for her daredevil aerial stunts, Dallas fractured her left femur when attempting a `whirlybird’ – a back flip with an overhead 360-degree turn.  

She was brought to CGH where she underwent surgery for her fracture. Prior to her operation, Dallas developed breathlessness and was diagnosed with acute Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) due to aspirating water.  She was then warded in the ICU of CGH.  As a result, it was discovered that Mr. Robin Friday, Dallas’s father, was highly impressed with the coordinated care and integrated diagnosis of medical disciplines at CGH.

“An outstanding medical team was assigned to oversee Dallas’s care 24-hours a day, along with dedicated nursing staff, dieticians, therapy specialists, room attendants and administrative personnel who went above and beyond their call of duty to address Dallas’s needs,” according to Mr. Friday. “Upon her return home, her vascular surgeon in Orlando was very impressed with Dallas’s records and her recovery. We are very grateful to all the CGH staff for what and all they have done for us.”

World-Class Medical Destination

It is Singapore’s high standards of medical care and patient-centric culture in their hospitals that draw international patients.  The experience by Dallas and her father – prompt service and attention to customized healthcare needs, such as dietary requirements, is a testament to why thousands of international patients from around the world select Singapore as their healthcare destination of choice.

From basic health screening to complex heart procedures, patients come to Singapore, assured of world-class healthcare. Global agencies such as the World Health Organization have rated Singapore among the best regional healthcare centers in Asia and among the top ten in the world.

And again, at its core, it is this combination of a thriving biomedical industry, an integrated healthcare structure, base of skilled medical professionals, the latest medical technology and an international standard judiciary system that have contributed to building and expanding Singapore’s reputation and capabilities as a leading-edge healthcare delivery hub and medical marvel of Asia.

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