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One Airline Refuses to take this Bad Economy Sitting Down...

Industry News

In an effort to offer the lowest-priced seats available, one airline is planning to offer a standing room only section to its passengers. Ryanair, a European carrier, announced its plan and claims it could potentially decrease fairs while increasing the number of passengers onboard.

The standing room will consist of vertical seats and will hold approximately 50 additional passengers each flight. In a poll conducted by Ryanair, two-thirds of respondents said they would purchase vertical seats. Eighty percent said they believed passengers should have the vertical seat option. But not everyone is a believer in this development as it doesn't comply with certain safety regulations.

According to the article published on ABC News, standing on a flight has the potential to save travelers on costs vertical seat fares will range from free to 10 Euros ($11.24). The average Ryanair fare is 35 Euros. To read the whole article and decide if this option is worth the cost savings, click here.

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