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Speakers Announced for Jordan Medical Tourism Congress #IMTCJO -March 2012

Industry News

In its second year, this Congress will bring together internationally acclaimed expert speakers in the field of medical tourism, health care, hospitality, insurance and wellness. The Private Hospital Association of Jordan in collaboration with the Medical Tourism AssociationTM will take part in developing topics and identifying speakers for their agenda. The preliminary list of expert speakers has been released, with additions to come.

Keynote Speeches

- Private Hospitals Association Chairman, Dr. Awni Bashir

- Medical Tourism AssociationTM President, Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano

- Minister of Tourism & Antiques, Mr. Nayef Fayez

- Jordanian Minister of Health, Dr. Abdull Al Lateef Wrikat

Theme l : Jordan as an International Hub for Medical Tourism

- Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Abdallah Bashir

- Jordan Investment Board CEO, Dr. Awni Rshoud

- Jordan Hotel Association, Mr. Michael Nazzal

- Global Healthcare Expert, Dr. Prem

Theme II : Medical Tourism – Global Health Care Panel Discussion

- OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions, President Alex Piper

- Medical Tourism AssociationTM CEO, Jonathan Edelheit

- Minister of Medical Services in Kenya Hon. Prof Peter Anyang Nyongo

- Medvoyage, Ukraine, Oxana Lutsenko

Theme III: Quality and Accreditation

- Global Patient Safety Officer/DNV, Karen Timmons

- Hospital Clinica Biblica ,Bill Cook

Theme V: Medical Liability Issues and Insurance Schemes

- Arab German Insurance Company, Mrs. Reem Raimouni

- Squire, Sanders & Dempsey ( U.S.), LLP,Associate, John Wyand

- Healthcare Agent, Trish Freeman

Theme IV: E- Health- Future of Medical Tourism and Technology

- World Health Organization, Dr. Najeeb Al Shorbaji

- Health Matrix, Abdul Rahman Qasim

The Congress will host up to 400 regional and international attendees featuring key industry players, buyers of healthcare, governments and the decision-makers from top medical tourism, insurance, and bio-medical companies.

Jordan holds a strong & growing international reputation as a medical destination of choice. With 7 internationally accredited hospitals and a high number of international board certified physicians, Jordan's offer high quality health care services at an affordable price.

Complimentary passes will be available to qualifying insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare, send an email to to apply.

Hope to see you in Jordan!

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