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Success in India for an Oklahoma resident

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In some cases gastric bypass surgery is cosmetic, but in the case for Jan Neufeld, an Oklahoma resident, it was to save her life. Weighing in at 350 pounds she knew she needed the surgery.

The price tag of $40,000 in her home state was more than she could afford. When a friend of hers suggested that the procedure in India was about a quarter of the cost, she began researching it.

While traveling to India for surgery scared her at first, she was more than pleased with the outcome and her new found quality of life.

She said in an article by, “There is hope. So many people say they can’t afford surgery,” Jan said. “This surgery is the best thing that’s happened to me. It’s given me my life back.”

With such so much success she spread the word to her friends and family, convincing her mother and two friends to travel to India for surgery and she has been there three times for additional touch ups!

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