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The Aging Revolution

Destination Spotlight

The only constant in science has and always will be change. Facts that were incontrovertible transform into things that we now have control over. And new facts are discovered to take their place which will in turn become altered or understood in new ways in the future. This is the rolling road that science has always followed and in no other area of medicine is it as apparent as in the investigation into the ways we age.

Old age has been accepted as an inevitable occurrence throughout human memory but no other aspect of our lives has been railed against as much. Science medicine and the hard work of some of the best doctors in the world have finally broken down the mythical monolith that existed as our previous concept of aging and the world we see looking forward paints a much different picture of our twilight years.

Dedication to Age Management

Entire institutes facilities and organizations with all the resources that modern medicine can bring are now focused on nothing other than the study of aging and the prevention of many of the infirmities that we have previously expected to develop as our years advance. One of these facilities is the Age Management and age therapy.

Their work involves the use of hormone treatments diet exercise adult & embryonic stem cell injections nutritional s

upplementation and other therapies used in close coordination with each other in order to provide patients with the most effective means of feeling better longer than ever before.The executive director of the institute is Dr. Michael Sigler M.D. one of the top doctors in this emerging field who has helped to pioneer the way for more effective age management medicine.

Dr. Sigler has published over thirty articles on the varying therapies involved in age management and was trained and certified by the Cenegenics Medical Institute which is the point of origin for the most effective age management practices in use on the planet today. His most recent article Testosterone and Growth Hormone Normalization A Retrospective Study of Health Outcomes was published in the prestigious and respected Journal of Multidisciplinary Care.

Individualized Care

Dr. Sigler has created a program in Panama that is designed to provide each and every patient with the most specific and individualized care it is possible for them to get providing them with a course of treatment and lifestyle management that has consistently yielded results which could only be classified as amazing. That individualized care and assessment is part of what allows the protocols that are prescribed by these physicians to be so remarkably effective.

The physicians are looking for many things in their assessments. First and foremost they want to be sure that no preexisting medical conditions exist including certain risk factors in order to ensure the patients safety. Patients are then subjected to hormone tests to see if they are suffering from adult hormone deficiencies which can be responsible for so many of the effects of aging such as loss of energy vitality lean muscle mass and bone density.

The patient will then receive consultation to draw up a lifestyle program that will consist of their diet and exercise education along with any additional supplements or vitamins the doctors may recommend and their hormone treatments if any are required.

When used in conjunction these elements have provided results that have convinced most patients once and for all that these previously accepted weaknesses illnesses and ailments are actually symptoms of the disease of aging and not things that should be simply accepted with the grace that old age supposedly brings.

Identification of Disease Risk

One of the goals of the doctors at Age Management Panama is to expand the quality of care that patients can receive all over Latin America. Dr. Sigler is quoted as stating Our job is to identify Disease Risk. In order to do that we need to be able to educate our physicians on what the latest markers of disease and disease risk are and then take a proactive approach to our patients' health care.

This proactive and preemptive method of health care has lead to the creation of the Age Management Education and Research Foundation. This foundation makes training in age management available to doctors in Latin America in ways it has never been before. The idea is to take preventative medicine to entirely new levels as one of the most basic precepts of medicine is that prevention is always more effective more affordable and more pleasant for the patient than the treatment of a disease after it has already developed.

Bio-Identical Hormones

An important partner in the age management protocols that patients are advised to follow is the company Live Well Pharmaceuticals. This is the company that provides patients with the Bio-Identical hormones that they are prescribed by the doctors to take. The benefits of using Bio-identical hormones over their synthetic counterparts have been detailed extensively in various journals and clinical trials.

The Bio-Identical compounds have presented time and again two characteristics that make them stand out from the synthetic products.First of all they have demonstrated a higher level of efficacy. Second they have been shown to have a much lower incidence of creating increased risks of many of the conditions which have been previously associated with hormone treatments such as cancer.

With a lower risk of side effects and a more effective product Live Well Pharmaceuticals ensures that patients of Dr. Sigler and Age Management Panama can get the medications they need for their treatments. Best of all they allow them to do so at a reasonable price with prices up to 50% cheaper than what the same treatments cost in the United States.

Everyone knows that you have nothing if you don't have your health but in the current economic climate most people can't afford to spend indiscriminately on healthcare which is why affordable safe and effective hormones help to complete the package offered in Panama for age management.

Consumer Awareness ~ Oprahs Story

For the longest time the conversation about hormone replacement therapies in men and women has been something that has been underground secretive and not trusted by the general population. The mission of Dr. Sigler and others in the field is spreading through the development of these age management therapies and educational programs.

Slowly public awareness about the safety and effectiveness of these treatments has grown but in recent months it has fully exploded onto the airwaves with the Oprah Winfrey Show episodes that were dedicated to treatments with Bio-Identical hormones airing as part of her Best Life series.

The acceptance and promotion of this type of treatment by a renowned figure like Oprah will have a profound and long reaching effect on making these treatments known and accessible to more people than ever before. Women have traditionally turned to hormone therapy that has been associated with certain risks and side effects which are not present with Bio-Identical hormones.

After beginning her treatment Oprah discovered a new flavor in life which had been totally lacking as her hormone deficiency problems increased. After beginning her treatments Oprah speaks about her treatments on her website with these words The sky was bluer my brain was no longer fuzzy and my memory was sharper.

I was literally singing and had a skip in my step. This was realized after just three days of treatment and after a careful hormone analysis. After years of trying to figure out what the problem something had slowly been leaching the life force from this dynamic public personality.

Proper Analysis is the Key to Prevention

It is important to realize that Dr. Sigler and the clinic have never pretended that hormone treatments are some kind of magical Panacea in the way that some media outlets have made it appear to be. However there can be few tools as powerful as a careful one-on-one analysis of a patients situation including evaluation of hormone levels. An adult hormone deficiency in both men and women can cause numerous problems that we commonly think are the symptoms of old age.

There is finally concrete medicine that we can use to help prevent the effects of hormone deficiency.With any kind of health wellness or medically oriented life plan it is the results that matter more than anything. The reason that the Age Management Panama Clinic exists and the reason that doctors dedicate their lives to research in this area is to achieve two things: to help clients feel better longer and to help clients prevent diseases from ever entering their lives.

This is accomplished by keeping people on a proper diet exercising and ensuring that their hormones are at an optimum level for their age. This not only will help patients to feel good but also to stay at a healthy weight which greatly reduces the risk of developing many diseases including heart disease and diabetes two of the most prolific diseases facing the world today.

The Oprah Winfrey episodes discussing the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapies clearly outline the benefits that women have to face by exploring this kind of therapy. She explained on her show that women over the age of thirty five will eventually face some kind of hormonal imbalance. This means that literally billions of women will experience declining health and especially declining feelings of well being and energy as their hormone levels become depleted.

With the knowledge of the therapies that exist for age management and with access to clinics like Age Management Panama that can provide the personalized treatment that women need none of this remains inevitable rather it becomes preventable.

Getting Results

Results in both men and women vary from the subtle to the dramatic but anyone who is tested and found to have a hormone deficiency is certainly going to benefit from having that problem corrected. In addition patients who follow the other important elements of the treatment plans given to them through AMP are going to experience other benefits. A low glycemic diet and a good exercise regimen especially when coupled with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is going to help both men and women increase their amount of lean muscle in the body and burn fat.

This leaves patients stronger with more energy and at a much healthier weight for long term health and well being.Simply put testimonials for patients who have undergone these and similar treatments at the Cenegenics Institute show that these treatments and programs work. For someone already fit and healthy it could mean losing a few extra pounds and maintaining their current levels of wellness and energy well into their twilight years.

For others who have already experienced the declines that age can bring it has signaled a remarkable turnaround that transforms them from a person feeling on the downward slope of their life to someone with the vitality they only vaguely remember from decades ago.I was not kidding when I told you the other day that you have given me the keys to use that will save my life.These strong words are just one of many testimonials from patients of the Cenegenics Clinic.

While every case might not be this extreme this is the true potential offered by the work being done through the clinics pursing HRT and other age management therapies as a means to lifelong wellness.For as long as medicine has existed doctors have waged war against the effects of aging.

Age itself is not the enemy as it often brings wisdom and inner peace which can't be found in youth. Now however medicine is winning that battle against the effects of aging allowing people to be strong vital and healthy in order to enjoy the wisdom and knowledge that their years can bring them.

Dr. Sigler is Executive Director of Age Management Panama Consultorios Médicos Punta Pacífica receiving his medical training both domestically and internationally at prestigious universities including Stanford University of California University of Miami School of Medicine University of Toronto University of Cambridge England and Saint Eustatius Netherlands.

He has treated thousands of patients abroad and in the community of South Florida throughout his training in surgery and rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Medical Center Jackson Memorial Hospital Hollywood Memorial Hospital and the VA Hospital.
Located at Consultorios Medicos Punta Pacifica attached to the New Hospital Punta Pacifica Johns Hopkins International Dr. Sigler helps people across the globe specializing in Age Management Medicine & Rejuvenology.

His comprehensive interdisciplinary approach includes Hormonal Therapy Growth & Bio-identical Men's Health: Andropause & Sexual Function Women's Health: Menopause & Perimenopause Health & Lifestyle Assessment: Nutrition & Exercises Executive Health Evaluations and a wealth of Rejuvenology aesthetic medical spa surgical procedures all helping lead the art and science of appearance health and performance enhancement.

For more information on Aging Revolution or Anti-Aging Treatments please contactAgeless Wonders Panama Your Premium Wellness & Health Specialist at Panama: (507) 832-7289 and USA (786) 515-9596.

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