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The Evolution of U.S. Medical Tourism Virtual Summit: Insights and Perspectives

Destination Spotlight

Korea Tourism Organization and Global Healthcare Resources and the Medical Tourism Association have partnered to launch a private medical travel event for the American marketplace. 

Americans are looking beyond borders now more than ever for solutions to their healthcare needs, leveraging medical travel opportunities to destinations that offer timely, quality, and affordable healthcare services.  

“We have helped connect thousands of patients during the pandemic with healthcare providers, and as we emerge from the pandemic, we expect demand to grow globally and for healthcare consumers to travel in greater numbers than before as regional and global markets stabilize,“ said Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman of GHR and the Medical Tourism Association. 

This exclusive and private B2B event will bring together American insurance companies, employers, insurance agents and consultants, travel agents, and others already actively engaged in medical tourism or looking to do so, and Korea is increasingly becoming a top medical travel choice for many Americans. 

Korea is on the frontier of medicine and technology, attracting hundreds of thousands of patients per year. With cost savings of up to 80% for U.S. medical tourists, top-line medical care, and tourism packages that combine patient care with relaxation and wellness offerings, Korea is becoming a top destination of choice for the large pool of international patients, especially in the United States.

“We have worked with the Korean Government since we partnered with Korea to launch their medical tourism initiative almost 15 years ago. Korea is a model for the world, where the private sector and public sector work towards a common vision and achieve it,” Edelheit added.

The insightful 3-hour virtual summit will be held November 7, 2022, at 10 am EST and will feature insights from self-funded employers, insurers, medical travel facilitators, travel agents, as well as executives and healthcare providers from the leading Korean hospitals about the changing landscape of medical travel and how medical travel destinations are reinventing their medical travel programs to meet the needs of the post-pandemic medical tourists in the United States.  

In this summit, participants will learn how self-funded employers are rethinking medical care for their employees, by connecting them to high-quality destinations outside their borders for complex medical care that could save them 40% to 80% in cost compared to the United States.   

The summit also takes a deep dive into the current medical travel ecosystem, demystifying the challenges and obstacles facing the industry, and offering solutions and potential opportunities to expand the industry. Hear stakeholders and leaders in the medical tourism space share their experiences and thoughts on tools to not only revive the medical travel industry but also refine it to meet the demands of the “new normal.” 

The 3-hour virtual summit promises to leave participants with a clearer perspective of the American medical tourism landscape, helping them to understand the key drivers of outbound medical travel in the U.S. as well as the nuances of the market, and opportunities for expansion.  

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About KTO

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is an organization in South Korea under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is commissioned to promote the country's tourism industry

The KTO was established in 1962 as a government-invested corporation responsible for the South Korean tourism industry according to the International Tourism Corporation Act. The organization promotes Korea as a tourist destination to attract foreign tourists. 

KTO’s New York Office comprises all 37 states east of the Rockies, DC and 14 countries throughout the Caribbean. Our primary objective is to support sales and various marketing and promotional activities that will enhance our travelers' experience in Korea. One of our key messages is to emphasize the "experience, spirit, and history" that is Korea. Our secondary objective is to achieve a "balance" of visitors. We are happy to provide you with the most up-to-date promotional brochures, videos, tour products, and educational seminars, keeping you, our visitor, well informed. Making your "experience" a most memorable one, we offer essential destination information in the areas of leisure travel, cruise, medical tourism, business meetings, and world-class conventions and incentives market. 


About the Medical Tourism Association 

The Medical Tourism Association is an international non-profit association made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment. The Association promotes the interests of its healthcare provider and medical travel facilitator members. The Medical Tourism Association has three tenets: Transparency, Communication, and Education. The Medical Tourism Association works with governments to help launch strategic and long-term initiatives in medical tourism across all stakeholders. 

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