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The India Bundle

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International Surrogacy sounds like a great endeavor for infertile couples and partners who wish for a child of their own; couples receive the baby they have always wanted while surrogates overseas earn more in one gestation than they would in an entire year of work.

In a recent article on Slate, author Douglas Pet outlines the operations of the California surrogacy company “PlanetHospital” presenting what may be a dream for couples wishing for a child as the profitable business it is.

…PlanetHospital offers customers a novel means of accelerating their bid for a family: The option of having embryos implanted into two surrogates at the same time. The selling points of this package (which was previously marketed under the name India Bundle): Implantation in two surrogates at a time increases the chance of immediate impregnation and decreases the waiting time for a baby. As the company's website used to explain.
…PlanetHospital's information packet ends with a note cautioning prospective clients not to make too much of any negative reviews of the company that they might find on the Internet. “Surrogacy is a very emotional matter, the packet explains. This is not a matter of buying a car, this is a life you are asking us to help you create.But while we can probably all agree that ordering up a child is nothing like buying a car, PlanetHospital goes on to draw an equally unlikely parallel between its business and that of a well-known purveyor of mail-order shoes. Like Zappos, the note concludes, we too want to deliver happiness and maintaining our integrity is the most important part of that mission.

-via Slate

PlanetHospital’s “Results Driven Surrogacy” may streamline the difficult process potential clients face when inquiring about international surrogacy options by providing customizable options, guarantees, and legal protections, but at what cost to the surrogate?? As more International Surrogate companies open around the world the need for government regulation to oversee and protect all parties involved rises.

We invite you to read “Make Me a Baby As Fast As You Can” and Share your thoughts on the growth & direction of international surrogacy in the comments section below.

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