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The Medial Tourism Association Announces an Exclusive Ministerial Summit at WMT&GHC Oct. 25-28

Industry News

The MTA Announces an Exclusive Ministerial Summit Part of the 4th Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress October 25-28 in Chicago

In its 4th year, the World Medical Tourism Congress promises to be the best one yet, featuring up to 1500 attendees, 100+ speakers and sponsors from over 87 countries. This year's theme Patients in Emerging Markets will focus on some of the upcoming largest growth areas of Medical Tourism in Russia, Ukraine, CIS Countries, China, Japan, the Middle East, Africa and GCC regions.

In accordance with this year's theme and in an effort to develop the industry and create common grounds with government officials worldwide; the MTA announced an exclusive Ministerial Summit that will be held on October 25th. This exclusive meeting will include Ministers of Health, Tourism and Economic Development from all over the world that will come together to share ideas and projects which will drive the industry forward.

Medical Tourism in Africa has been up to now viewed as an out-migration of Africans looking for healthcare abroad: in India, Europe and North America. This is because of the lack of facilities for specialized healthcare locally. Only South Africa and Egypt boasts of such facilities. Time has however come to reverse this process, stated Prof. P. Anyang’ Nyong’o, Minister for Medical Services, Kenya.

With the heavy investments that our governments have made in education, we should make use of our health professionals to work at home and provide services to our people as well as those who will come from abroad. This requires heavy investment in diagnostic facilities, health infrastructure, research and technological development at the cutting edge of medical science. No doubt this will require a Public Private Partnership for which our governments and local entrepreneurs are now read, he added.

Government officials have repeatedly attended the congresses annually in order to solidify their commitment and trust in the industry, and this year the conference unites all the ministers in a formal setting to share ideas, combine strategies and even join forces in order to place these ideas to work. The ministers are also invited to speak at the congress. By attending the Ministerial Roundtables and being a speaker at the 4th Annual World Medical Tourism Congress, the government of Kenya believes in medical tourism as a continuously growing industry that generates profit to the country and encourages other ministers to participate this year in Chicago and promote the industry around the world, said Prof. P. Anyang’ Nyong’o, Minister for Medical Services, Kenya.

This is the one event per year where Employers, Self Funded Health Plans, Insurance Companies, and Medical Tourism Facilitators that are looking to outsource healthcare overseas have the opportunity to meet with top International Hospitals and Medical Tourism Companies in one place for the ultimate networking event.

The World Medical Tourism and Healthcare Congress is the most important gathering of Healthcare professionals to learn about more information about the issues we all face in today's market. When it comes to the issues about healthcare Reform, nearly every piece of information is discussed to aid implementation once and when it becomes law. The Congress also allows for networking with the current and new vendors and facilitators to make sound decisions as to where to send our clients for alternative practical costs for exceptional medical and dental treatment, stated Ramon Sandoval Trusted Insurance Services.

The conference is the dedicated annual event of the Medical Tourism Association, the nonprofit trade association in the Medical Tourism industry, and media partner Medical Tourism Magazine,, the only dedicated magazine for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry, and by Medical Tourism City,, a social network for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry with over one thousand participants from over sixty countries.

The 4th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will also feature four additional conferences, the Global Benefits Conference,, focusing on international employers and insurance companies, the Healthcare Development Conference, , focusing on the growth of medical tourism in the healthcare sector and the building and development of healthcare facilities around the world, the Healthcare Investment Conference,, creating awareness about healthcare investment opportunities around the world and the Health and Wellness Conference, focusing on the continuous growing health and wellness industry.


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