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The Medical Tourism Association Travels the World in a New York Minute

Industry News

Mar 14, 2011

Every year The New York Times holds a Travel Show where travelers, vacationers, travel agencies and of course destinations come together for one weekend to entice us with their many options and adventures. This year as part of its Consumer Awareness Campaign, the Medical Tourism Association stepped out on the town with its exhibition and education at the show, meeting all of the expectations of a trade based and consumer based event.

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) met with hundreds of Travel Agents, and their partners, Hospitality and Hotel entities, spearheading its major campaign to develop more and more international patient programs through organic travel arrangements. Membership Coordinator Lisbeth Stein stated, “We were really encouraged to find so many travel agents already working with people who travel for healthcare or wellness around the globe. We were overjoyed to spread the word about The Medical Tourism Association and its many membership benefits.

“While educating a new concept to many of the consumers who came through the exhibition on the second and third days of the event proved to be a challenge, our efforts were successful at raising awareness to our new consumer website The large volume of traffic going to the site last week actually crashed our server,” she added.

The Medical Tourism Industry represents a booming niche in the travel market.MTA now has delegates in over 87 countries following its development with almost 1200 attendees at last year’s annual Congress.The 4th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will reinvent itself yet again in the Chicago area, October 25 – 28 2011. The theme of this year’s event, “Emerging Markets” will prove to be an event you will not want to miss – bigger, better, and with many more new topics for all to gain knowledge, network, and to walk away with the excitement that this venue and the industry brings. There will be a special segment focused on the Travel & Hospitality Industries and hope to gain knowledge into this ground breaking industry.

The 4th World Medical Tourism and Congress is an excellent way to meet a myriad of potential business partners from all over the world including Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Gulf Coast Countries as well as from the United States and Latin America. The travel partners in these countries will prove to be the next spokes in the growing medical tourism wheel.

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