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The MTA Announces KHIDI & KIMA as Silver Sponsors and New Memebers!

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The Medical Tourism Association is proud to announce the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and Korean International Medical Association as new Memebers and Silver Sponsors of the fourth World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress held in Chicago, IL October 25-28th.

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) is funded by the government and was established to support the Korean health industry. This industry will form an essential part of 21st century's knowledge based economy and will be of the greatest importance to the people’s health.

KHIDI, in strengthening specific health industry promotion, provides a link between the government and industry. In addition, to ensure the productivity and efficiency of the health and medical technology sector, KHIDI emphasizes R&D and advanced management by objectives. Through these efforts they support businesses in the fields of technology transfer, commercial use of medical products and patent applications, etc.

KHIDI is committed to establishing a Korean health industry for the 21st century second-to-none in the world.

Korea International Medical Association (KIMA) is a government-private joint initiative founded to promote Healthcare in Korea internationally. KIMA was established in 2007 with the name of CKMP (Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion) and changed its name to KIMA as it has become an association.

As an official organization for Medical Tourism, KIMA is supported by the Government, and serves as the “acting body” for a series of national policies in regard to medical travel. The primary function of KIMA includes promoting Korean healthcare to the international communities and fostering safe and reliable infrastructures.

Currently over 30 hospitals and clinics are actively involved as KIMA members.

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