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The MTA travels to Lithuania to lend a hand

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President of the Medical Tourism Association, Renée-Marie Stephano, is in Lithuania this week to speak at the International Conference for Medical Tourism- The Future of Services in Lithuania.

Back in October at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress the MTA and The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania signed an agreement to promote and develop medical tourism in the Baltic nation.

Tourism management institutions, tourism and medical tourism associations and organizations, approved destination country tour operators, hotel networks, spas and healthcare facilities will come together to develop a healthcare cluster.

In addition to the agreement Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, Daumantas Lapinskas invited Ms. Stephano to act as the event's main speaker and present her ideas about the global clusterization process.

Lapinskas said that Lithuania is keeping pace in getting benefits from this emerging market and that the agreement gives a high potential to attract a larger audience of medical tourists to the country.

They are setting up a healthcare cluster through the support of the Ministry of Economy and Enterprise Lithuania, the export organization for the country.

The intent of the conference is to bring the stakeholders together to obtain a consensus on the product they have to offer and to identity target markets they can deliver this product to. The MTA has been brought in to make recommendations and offer our resources and support for education, certification programs and destination branding programs.

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