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The Niche of Health and Wellness Tourism in Luxury Cruising

Industry News

President of the MTA, Renee-Marie Stephano will be speaking on this topic today at the Cruise Shipping Miami conference, in Miami, FL.

Ms. Stephano will be speaking as part of a panel along with:

Camille Hoheb, Founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, CA. USA

Dr. Patrick Treacy, Chairman, Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Ruthie Harper, Nutritional Medicine Associate, The Laser & Skin Care Clinic

Mohammed Saeme, M.D., Ph.D., International Expert on Maritime Health and Wellness, Magic Discovery Group LTD

These experts in the industry will discuss the opportunity to expand the health and wellness options on a cruise ship. Some argue that it should be pretty simple, since in most cases there is already an entire deck allocated for emergency care and spas

Some cruise lines already offer aesthetic procedures, Botox, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and dermatological procedures.

This could be an interesting way to have a minor procedure done and then recover while cruising around the Caribbean, or wherever your preferred destination is.

The Medical Tourism Magazine covered this topic a while back; you can read the full article here.

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