Destination Spotlight

The Realization of a Dream ~ Al-Essra Hospital

Destination Spotlight

Al-Essra hospital was established in September 2001. It was the realization of a dream which sought to provide health care services and facilities to the surrounding community. It is located in north Amman, Jordan in the vicinity of Jordan University a vibrant area that is vital in the healthcare industry.

Al-Essra is a private, for profit hospital which provides crucial services and a high standard quality of care that is patient focused. The hospital has experienced high growth in the years since its inception; expanding from a 100 bed capacity to a 160 bed capacity within its first year. It is projected that this growth will continue in the next two years to an expected 260 bed facility.

The hospital boasts a multitude of clinical services in most of the major specialties. Among these are the Cardiac Catheterization Unit, Neurosurgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Ophthalmology Clinic, Physical Rehabilitative Center, Urology Department, Renal Dialysis Unit, Cardiac and Intensive Care unit with 22 beds, fully equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Department, Orthopedic Department, Radiology Department,  Laboratory Department, Plastic Surgery, Ob/GYN department and an Emergency Department that features 6 different specialties room and 21 beds.

In addition to these our In-Vitro Fertilization Unit benefits from a very high success rate.  The Nutritional Clinic and Continuing Education Department is top notch as well. Moreover, Al-Essra is recognized by the Jordanian Medical Council as an excellent training and internship facility.

The successful development and expansion of the hospital has been helmed by Dr. Neal Al-Masalha whose ambitious leadership has assured the hospital’s ranking among the best in the region. He has consistently competed for high quality and standards of service.

He has endeavored to create the safest environment for providing excellent health services at reasonable prices. Dr. Al-Masalha manages challenges through good problem solving, creative thinking and perhaps more importantly through his employment of highly skilled, knowledgeable and creative team members.

Progressive foresight has kept Al-Essra Hospital at the cutting edge of new technologies and treatment methods; where Stem Cell programs and Organ and Tissue Transplants are seen as the future of medicine in the region.  For these reasons Al-Essara garnered the International Accreditation of Joint Commission in 2008, a distinction that recognized the hard work and dedication of the hospital in improving services and demanding higher service standards.

Al-Essra was conceived within the philosophy of influencing clients with the spirit of progress by continually providing the means, strategies and products that help enhance their net worth, protect their families’ security and help create prosperity in all of their endeavors.

The Vision

To provide comprehensive high quality healthcare services by utilizing the best modern technology. To apply international standards within the foundations of high ethical and professional conduct; to be a pillar of the modern health system in Jordan and in the region.

The  Mission

Al-Essra Hospital strives to serve patients and the community in alleviating suffering and achieving satisfaction in a framework of mutual trust and common moral values.

Dr. Nael Z. Al-Masalha is General Director of Al-Essra Hospital. For more information about Al-Essra Hospital please go to

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