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The Specialty Hospital of Jordan Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

Destination Spotlight

From inception in the early 1990’s, The Specialty Hospital of Jordan has made continuous and clear progress, marked by many success stories while establishing itself as a leader in providing high standards of health care services in the region. This has been and continues to be demonstrated in the hospital’s overarching mission and vision of putting quality healthcare first as its priority. This long journey with quality and safety at the forefront of healthcare practices at Specialty Hospital has been widely acknowledged through receipt of many awards, accreditations, and certificates on the national, regional and international levels.

Specialty Hospital has received the King Abdullah II Award for excellence, Healthcare Accreditation council certificate and Joint Commission international accreditation. This was largely accomplished by implementing hospital wide evidence based practices and promoting Excellence and continuous improvement within our culture throughout our hospital operations. All of these achievements and our ongoing commitment towards excellence have provided us with a firm foundation as a regional high quality healthcare provided as well.

Recently, the Specialty Hospital of Jordan performed successful heart surgeries on thirty children who returned to Algeria cured of their cardiovascular conditions. Specialty Hospital received top billing amongst many newspapers in the region for this remarkable effort as the thirty pediatric patients ranged in ages from a few days old to a few years of age with very complicated congenital heart disease.

Some of these pediatric cardiology cases were transported thousands of miles via medivac from Algeria to Jordan on ventilator with logistical requirements that were complicated at best. Besides this logistic support, these surgeries were performed in highly equipped theaters to deliver the children safely to the PCCU unit, while providing proper rehabilitation for both the patient and family prior to delivering them safely home to Algeria to commence their new lives free of debilitating cardiac disease.

Specialty Hospital achieved a remarkable, high success rate in each of these surgeries and a very low complication rate at less than the current international metrics. The escorting team was impressed by this accomplishment and they had positive feedback about the rates and outcomes of these procedures.

In the words of Dr. Karima Bal Qasem, consultant to the Algerian Minister of Health, “ The children were fortunate to get excellent treatment, highly sophisticated technology was used to perform their operations. We chose Jordan to treat our children because of the credibility and reputation of its medical sector, we are also proud to have such a distinguished hospital like Specialty Hospital here in the Middle East region.”

Mr. Mukhtar Brani, consultant in the Algerian embassy in Jordan emphasized that Jordan was the best choice to bring the children in for treatment. “In addition to the very advanced technology, the cost is very reasonable compared to other countries”. Mr. Brani also thanked the Specialty Hospital of Jordan for hosting the patients.” Other hospitals refused to host these kids due to the complication of their cases” he stressed.

This story is just one amongst many which give testimony and provide evidence of the hospital’s achievements, quality and safety in delivering a high level of specialized health care with very high cure rates.

A significant part of this success story are now reflected in the eyes of the mothers and fathers leaving Jordan to return home with their healthy kids in their arms , looking forward to starting a new life full of hope for good health and joyful day to day living. The father of a young girl said “I never thought my daughter would survive, it is a miracle, thanks for all the marvelous staff that helped her”.

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