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The World Medical Tourism & Health Congress Announce Hayes Inc. as a Bronze Sponsor

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World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress would like to announce Hayes Inc as a Bronze Sponsor for the 2nd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in 2009! We look forward to having them Sponsor and Exhibit!

Hayes, Inc. is an independent health technology research and consulting company dedicated to promoting better health outcomes. Hayes performs unbiased, evidence-based assessments of the safety and efficacy of new, emerging, and controversial health technologies and evaluates the impact of these technologies on healthcare quality, utilization, and cost. Hayes worldwide clients include hospitals, healthcare systems, government agencies, employers, and managed care organizations.

Hayes products and services include:

A dynamic, web-based Knowledge Center designed to support professionals who are responsible for strategic planning, technology acquisition, and policy development

Consulting services that enhance strategic technology planning and support evidence-based technology acquisition so that hospitals can anticipate and prepare for the financial, clinical, and operational impact of new technologies prior to their adoption

Customized services that help payers develop and update coverage policies as well as create clinical guidelines

Employee benefit programs that help patients make well-informed decisions about healthcare options

The best Medical Tourism Conference of the year. This is a comment they have heard over and over from delegates who participated in the first World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress which took place in San Francisco California September 2008.The 2009 World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress promises to match that sentiment and, at the same time, provide even more networking and advanced panel sessions for this international gathering.

The conference will feature up to 2,000 attendees, up to 200 speakers, and over 125 exhibitors. The 2nd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress will take place on October 26-28th, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles California USA.

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