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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

Destination Spotlight

There are at least FIVE main reasons why you should attend the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.  September is right around the corner and the Medical Tourism Association is holding its 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress September 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA, with the theme, “Progress in Motion”.  This is the only event in the industry where up to 2,000 attendees can network for three days straight and gain incredible valuable industry information from top leaders through workshops, networking meetings and speakers from different countries around the globe. More importantly, this is the only medical tourism event in which buyers and Sellers will be united under one roof.

Up to 140 Exhibitors and 200 “Buyers” of healthcare will be present, 10,000 private networking meetings will take place and 60 countries will be represented at this event.  This Congress is the only event each year where the largest numbers of Employers, Self Funded Health Plans, Insurance Companies, Governments, and Medical Tourism Facilitators worldwide come to partner with international hospitals.

Why should you attend the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress?

Reason #1
Our Buyer’s Program

This year we have allocated a budget to bring in up to 200 “Buyers” of healthcare, including insurance companies, employers, and governments to the congress.  This is a huge incentive for sellers to become involved with this congress, as buyers will unite with sellers in an effort to bring together the two on common ground.  So, unlike other conferences that fail to succeed, we will unite “Buyers” of healthcare with “Sellers” of healthcare and create the perfect union.

We have a Buyer’s VIP Program, where we will be offering a predetermined number of discount registrations, free registrations, hotel room nights, and flights to those who complete the buyer incentive program application.  Please visit to complete your application now!

Reason #2
Networking Meetings

Networking is a vital component of success and is one of the top reasons many attend this annual conference.  Whether it is to meet new people in the industry, exchange ideas and leave with tons of new knowledge to apply to your business practices, or whether you are a start-up facilitator, or an employer implementing medical tourism for your employees in hopes of saving money and providing access to the most valuable healthcare for your employees, these meetings are necessary for your growth.  These networking meetings are one of the most advantageous aspects of all the benefits offered at the Congress.

This year, we have implemented a new innovative software system that allows greater access to the attendees you wish to meet with through a pre-arranged computerized system, which can be accessed by the simple click of a mouse.  We are offering one-on-one networking meetings and Attendees of the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress will be able to chose up to 50 companies to have pre-scheduled one-on-one networking meetings with over the three-day conference.

With the innovative and easy-to-use software, attendees will now have the ability to select pre-scheduled 10 minute meetings with up to 50 companies. The networking software will allow attendees to display a profile including their name, website, email and any other necessary contact information regarding their business. In addition, the software has also included a detailed search criterion to help narrow down results.

Reason #3
Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference

This year, we have two new conferences integrated with the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress we would like to introduce: our Sustainable Healthcare & Healthcare Development Conference and our Expatriate Conference.

Our Healthcare Development Conference will be the first international conference in the world focused on both sustainable healthcare and healthcare development.  The conference will feature up to 400 senior level healthcare executives from over 30 countries, and over 50 expert speakers U.S. & International Medical Directors from the top hospitals, governments and ministers looking to implement green initiatives, hospital projects and develop healthcare. This conference will be dedicated to only the highest level executive attendees involved in this industry.

Our primary goal is to educate delegates on how to create, maintain, and improve upon current hospital development which may include a more efficient, environmentally conscious, and technologically advanced approach. Delegates will be given the opportunity to network with the leaders in sustainable design and healthcare development to educate themselves on creating an exceptional quality for their healthcare system and hospital.  

Whether you are the CEO or Medical Director of an existing hospital or clinic or one that is planning to be built in the future, a consultant, architect, master planner or governmental agency, this is one event you cannot afford to miss!

Expatriate, Travel Insurance & Global Healthcare Conference

The Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance Conference will be one of the first international conferences that focuses on bringing together the employers, international insurance companies and foreign governments involved in purchasing and providing expatriate health insurance coverage and travel insurance to their employees and members. This conference will be dedicated to only the highest level executive attendees involved in this industry.

We have entered into the new era of global healthcare. Today, everything is globalized. More and more employers are moving operations offshore and opening offices in foreign countries.  Many new international insurance companies are emerging and many domestic insurance companies throughout the world are now creating “international health insurance policies” to cater to the demand of their customers who want global options for medical care, and wish to have a health insurance policy that gives them the option to travel to the best hospital of their choice anywhere in the world.

This conference will focus on these issues and bring together these international employers and health insurance companies with the industries experts and the top service providers.

As global travel grows, the demand for quality travel insurance policies grow, as well as the demand for new and innovative travel insurance policies. Also, as healthcare grows throughout the world, new hospital and provider options are available under travel insurance policies for emergency evacuations.

These two conferences are absolutely necessary if you are in any of the above industries and are seeking solutions to the globalization taking place.  Whether you are an entrant into these industries, or a veteran, this is the place to be and be seen!

Reason #4
Top Speakers

We are pleased to announce our Top Speakers at this year’s conference:
Mr. Jose M. Loaiza
Senior Network Manager
Blue Shield of California

Laila Al Jassmi

Health Policy and Strategy Sector– Dubai Health Authority

Jeff A Argotsinger
Director, Swiss Re
Business Leader Medical Expense Group

Kathy Clark
Compensation and Benefits Analyst
Blackbaud, Inc.

Shady Fawzy Nawar
Assistant Vice President – Provider Management
Qatar Insurance Company-Doha

Arthur L. Diskin, MD, FACEP
Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer
Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara Club Cruises

Dean Stone
Manager, Workers Compensation and Governance
National Australian Bank

Peter Lozier
Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Provider Relations
CMN Inc.

Alexander Sander Domaszewicz
Principal and Senior Consultant
Mercer Health & Benefits Services (Mercer)

Dr. Shetty
Heart Surgeon
and founder of a new healthcare facility in the Cayman Islands

Dr. Rick van Pelt
Director Global Programs
Partners Havard Medical International

Fred Hagigi
Director, Executive Education Programs
Professor of Health Services
UCLA School of Public Health

W. McKeeva Bush
Premier of the Cayman Islands

Mark Scotland
Minister of Health
Cayman Islands

Mark Scotland
Minister of Health
Cayman Islands

Stuart Rowley
Prince Court Medical Center, Malaysia

Jorge Cortes
Medical Director
Clinica Biblica, Costa Rica

Dr. Bob Bonar
President & CEO
Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas – Austin, Texas

Dr. Antonia Arnaert
Vice-President, Debson Medical Tourism Inc

Ricardo Forbes
International Captive Managers Limited

Mr. Prem Jagyasi
MD & CEO, ExHealth, Dubai

Ralph Lawson
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Baptist Health South Florida

Tom O’Hara
President, Surgical Trip LLC

Pamela Frank
International Health Services Program Director
Children’s Hospital Boston

Renee-Marie Stephano, Esq.
Medical Tourism Association

Jonathan Edelheit

Medical Tourism Association

Dr. Mathias Goyen, MD
CEO, UKE Consult & Management

Vivian Ho
Chief Development Officer, Medical Tourism Association

Reason #5
VIP Events

Beautiful Los Angeles, always sunny and warm.  What a better way to celebrate the evening than with entertainment created just for you.  After a long, hard, but fulfilling day of networking meetings, educational seminars, and presentations, relax and unwind with a cocktail and entertainment at our themed cocktail receptions every night.  From belly dancers to Latin, Flamingo-style dancers, sit back and enjoy the show, with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and sizzling entertainment.  This is one party you will not want to miss!

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