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Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 4th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

Industry News

#1 We’re going to ChicagoLand and Attendance is up 200%

Many of the largest employers and insurance companies in the US are located in Chicago. It is easy for international employers and insurers to travel to, as well as buyers of healthcare from around the world.

#2 Focus on Emerging Regions

This year’s theme is “Patients in Emerging Markets” and it will highlight some of the upcoming largest growth areas of medical tourism in Russia, Ukraine, CIS Countries, China, Japan Africa, the Middle East and GCC regions.

#3 Two New Integrated Conferences

1st International Healthcare Investment Conference

Network with investors as they learn about international investment opportunities in the healthcare sector.

1st International Health & Wellness Conference

This conference will center on the constantly growing health and wellness tourism industry.

#4 Partial Integration with the Employer Healthcare Congress

Network with the attendees of the Employer Healthcare Congress, one of the largest US health insurance and healthcare conferences in the country, during shared networking cocktail receptions and other special events.

#5 New and Improved Networking Software

Using our innovative networking software, pre-schedule one on one networking meetings with other attendees to maximize your time at the conference. We worked with former Microsoft employees to develop a completely new system that will make this year’s process easier than ever before.

#6 Top Speakers

We’re bringing in experts from all over the world and from all different industries to speak about the topics that everyone needs to know about. Don’t forget to check back for regular updates!

#7 Buyers of Healthcare VIP Program

This year we have taken a portion of the budget to bring in up to 400 buyers of healthcare, which includes global multinational employers, insurance companies, health insurance agents, travel companies and referring physicians from emerging markets.

#8 Other Great Integrated Conferences

2nd Annual Global Benefits Conference

International insurance companies, expatriate employers, and travel insurers will all be there to network with you

2nd Annual Healthcare Development Conference

With a focus on the growth of healthcare, building and designing sustainable projects on a global basis, you’ll meet top architects, investors, developers and more.

#9 Exciting VIP Cocktail Receptions

Relax and unwind with a cocktail and entertainment at our themed cocktail receptions every night. Sit back and enjoy the show, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and sizzling entertainment. Watch a video of our past events!

#10 We’re Really Global!

We take the “Global” in our name seriously. Last year attendees joined us from 87 different countries and there will be even more this year. Just traveling to that many countries would take YEARS! Luckily you can meet them all in one place over this 3 day conference. See the list of participating countries here.

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