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Travel Agents: Now Boarding for Wellness Tourism Webinar

Renée-Marie Stephano
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There's nothing like being fit for travel.

Some proactive and forward-thinking travel agents certainly are well-toned, specifically those looking to redefine their businesses into a profitable cottage industry for themselves; spas, and health and wellness providers alike.

They are in better shape today to meet the challenges of niche-industry marketing and value-added product design thanks to their participation in an informative exercise on the burgeoning enterprise called medical tourism.

With expanded and promising new flight plans at their disposal, travel agents can now pattern their accommodations to fit the needs of a growing medical tourism sector. Due, in large part, to an elevated understanding of the value of medical tourism, traditional agents will be able to join forces with doctors at the hip to offer health and wellness seekers quality healthcare overseas that, in all likelihood, will be less expensive than similar services available from their neighborhood physician down the road.

For a taste of the webinar, Wellness Tourism: Travel Agents Get On-Board for the Ride, sponsored by the Medical Tourism Association, check out a replay below.

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