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Turkish Airlines offers special discount for medical tourism patients

Industry News

Turkish Airlines is offering special package rates to support those traveling to Turkey for medical treatment. They give a 20% discount to those on first and business class, 15% discount on comfort class, and 10% discount on economy class. As an added bonus, those discounts can be applied to companions (maximum 2) that are traveling with the patient.

For years, Turkey has been a hot spot for medical travel, especially for those living in the neighboring countries. Last year, it is estimated that approximately 200,000 foreigners traveled to Turkey for medical treatment. The most popular reasons for treatment are dental, laser eye surgery, in vitro fertilization and various plastic surgery procedures.

A prodominately Muslim country, many middle-eastern patients chose Turkey for it’s modern facilities and developed technology comparable to that of European countries. Turkey also has the highest number of JCI accredited health care institutions in the world.

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