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Turn to Jordan Your Smart Medical Destination

Destination Spotlight

Healthcare in Jordan is among the best in the Middle East region. It is a medical destination that has recently emerged as a hub for high quality efficient and effective specialized medical care. In 2008 the Kingdom of Jordan was ranked by the World Bank (WB) medical tourism experts as number one in the region and the fifth in the world as a medical tourism hub.

With medical treatment costs lower by 25% of comparable care provided by those in the west Jordans high levels of medical care standards along with an abundance of highly qualified physicians and medical staff domiciled in medical centers equipped with cutting- edge technology this healthcare sector has witnessed a 10% annual increase in the number of foreign patients since 2004.

Jordans medical tourism is renowned in specializations and niche areas such as cancer treatment and other oncological health services Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation organ transplantation orthopedic surgeries cardiac procedures plastic and aesthetic treatments along with neurological surgeries and dental care programs.Jordans strategy has been to create a modern economy that is knowledge based and successfully integrated globally.

To this end the country adopted an aggressive comprehensive and integrated approach towards investments in building hospitals and in training medical professionals to build additional capacities within the healthcare sector. The following are metrics as relates to the healthcare sector.

Facts at a glance:

  • There are 7 Internationally Accredited Hospitals.
  • Jordan is home to a relatively high number of annual graduates from medical schools entering the market every year. 511 Undergraduate students and 195 graduate students in 2007/2008.
  • Literacy rate of 91% is among the highest in the Middle East.
  • Language of instruction in universities is English (Jordanian population is highly Bi-lingual).
  • The ratio of healthcare providers in Jordan is over 80 per 10000 persons.
  • Jordanian doctors are an exportable labor segment given regional demands for doctors due to a lower doctor-population ratio.
  • Over 42000 people are employed in the Medical Sector.
  • More than 90% of the physicians are educated internationally.
  • High physicians to population ratio (26 per 10000) compared to 15.2 for global average and 23 for UK 21 for Japan 15 for Singapore and 4 for Thailand.

Private Hospitals AssociationMinistry of HealthMinistry of Higher EducationWorld Health OrganizationJordan Investment BoardFrom a spa and wellness standpoint the Dead Sea in Jordan is also celebrated for its unmatched healing and therapeutic powers its waters contain more than 35% different types of minerals that are essential for the health and care of body and skin.

Today many world class hotels and spas have been built on the shores of the Dead Sea in order to allow people to enjoy the healing properties of the indigenous mud and water available in this region. Strategically situated at the convergence of the three continents of Europe Asia and Africa coupled with its highly technical workforce and its hi-tech telecom infrastructure it is no wonder that Jordan is becoming the medical tourism destination of choice.

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