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VitalLife: Improving Patient Outcomes through Precision Medicine

Destination Spotlight

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability globally, accounting for 63% of global deaths every year. In the last few decades, the prevalence of the chronic disease has been climbing, now with one in three adults living with at least one chronic condition.

Medical literature has revealed that these chronic or non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, do not necessarily happen in one day, but develop over several years from a combination of genetic, physiological, and external factors. VitalLife has opened new doors of opportunities for health consumers to re-engineer their bodies and rethink their behaviors to prevent and reverse these conditions through targeted solutions.

VitalLife, a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, offers an array of treatments that cut across pharmacologic treatments and wellness strategies to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. VitalLife offers a range of treatments that cut across personalized medicine and individualized lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Established in 2001, VitalLife has built a strong reputation with customers from more than 150 different countries, who attest to the success of its treatment and wellness services. VitalLife offers individualized treatment packages as it integrates an individual’s specific risk patterns in providing treatments.

Research has shown that people with chronic diseases may not necessarily have the same disease process or risk patterns. Breast cancer or heart failure, for instance, in one individual may simply be a result of different genetic links, so requiring different treatment approaches.

The human genome unlocks the secrets to an individual’s health risks and potential risks of disease in the future. VitalLife Scientific Wellness Centre offers a genetic risk awareness testing and genetic screening to better understand their risk patterns vis-à-vis genetic profiles and, in turn, select the most effective treatment strategies for each individual.

Advances in genomic medicine and precision pharmacology have explained why medical treatment for a chronic medical condition, such as cancer, may yield very different outcomes for different patients. In simple terms, the presence or absence of certain gene variants influences the effectiveness of certain medications, thus, influencing treatment outcomes. With genetic screening, offered by VitalLife, patients are able to start their treatment journeys knowing which drugs will be effective and which drugs won’t work for them.

VitalLife leverages genomic information to curating the right wellness and lifestyle changes for patients with the aim of lowering their future risk of diseases. Genetic screening may reveal a future risk of colon cancer, which can be well prevented with targeted approaches, including diet changes, lifestyle modifications, and proactive healthcare interventions.

Genomic medicine therefore does not only focus on therapeutics but also other non-drug health interventions, including lifestyle and diet choices. Using the principles of wellness genomics and nutrigenomics, VitalLife provides personalized wellness and nutritional recommendations to treat and lower the risk of certain diseases. After spending millions of dollars and several years on ineffective treatments, patients now see a ray of hope in precision treatments and are now actively seeking for healthcare providers that offer personalized and holistic treatments.

According to Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon, Chief Operating Officer at VitalLife, "All procedures and treatments offered by VitalLife are supported by evidence-based medicine. This allows us to provide our patients with precise and effective medical treatments that are fully personalized to their unique physical and mental characteristics.

Chronic disease treatment modalities by VitalLife include nutraceuticals, which use natural remedies to treat or reverse chronic diseases, IV nutrient therapy, hormone screening and replacement, micronutrient screening, osteoporosis screening, and non-drug therapies, such as Weber laser.

VitalLife also offers an individualized weight-loss program that helps people gain healthy weight and significantly reduce their risk of chronic disease. The weight loss program offers a holistic approach to achieving a healthy weight, leveraging strategies that include nutrition modification, exercise, detoxification, supplementation, and hormone therapy. VitalLife’s weight loss doctor has helped thousands of people in their weight loss journey to not only achieve healthy weight loss but maintain it.

VitalLife also offers other complementary chronic disease management tools, such as heavy metal analysis and chelation therapy. The buildup of external toxins from the environment, including heavy metals from industrial wastes or even sea products, has been implicated in the etiology of a number of chronic diseases. Removing these toxic substances, through chelation therapy, is the first step in preventing and potentially reversing early stages of diseases, such as degenerating brain diseases, kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer.

VitalLife has a robust international patient program to ensure patients from around the world can access these treatments seamlessly. The medical travel program covers international patients across every step of the care journey, including pre-arrival logistics and post-treatment discharge planning. Medical tourists are also sure of accessing Thailand’s rich and beautiful natural wellness sites, to enhance outcomes and boost their treatment experience.

VitalLife has continued to strengthen its brand through third-party evaluation, particularly Global Healthcare Accreditation’s (GHA) Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience. VitalLife achieved this accreditation to demonstrate its commitment to quality service, excellent patient outcomes, and a wholesome patient experience, and this has since expanded its brand visibility and value in the medical travel market.

“We chose GHA's Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience as it demonstrates to international patients that we are committed to ensuring their satisfaction and well-being at every contact point along the patient journey," Dr. Surasinthon added.

GHA’s Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience helps organizations to strengthen and maintain a robust medical travel program with standards that meet global best practices in patient experience. The accreditation helps medical travel programs to redesign their business models to improve their quality and performance metrics, and also to increase their visibility to international patients and buyers.

The Certification for Excellence in Medical Travel Patient Experience evaluates organizations in three core phases of care: pre-arrival communication, treatment experience, and post-discharge and follow-up. These assessments ensure businesses improve their practices in each of these phases, evaluating them against quality indicators and standards that reflect international best practices.

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