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Why to have surgery in Romania? A whole bariatric program, not just a simple surgery

Maura-Elena Buza
Medical Tourism

Body weight and health status are closely interdependent, the stomach reduction surgery being more than a significant improvement in the physical appearance. Gastric sleeve is often the only treatment option that can save the patient's life.

The causes of obesity are multiple, starting from genetic inheritance and continuing with the metabolism of each person, the environment in which they live and last but not least, the lifestyle.

Along with the increase in the number of excess kilograms, problems also appear - an impact can be seen on both an emotional and physical level, on each individual: the joints are affected by the excessive pressure at their level, multiple associated health problems appear such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, erectile dysfunction, fertility problems, depression and social isolation, and in the long term it increases the risk of cancer and decreases life expectancy.

The attempts to lose weight through conservative methods, diet and physical activity, represent the first stage of treatment, but they are not crowned with success most of the time - with poor results, only in the short term, which associate an intense feeling of frustration.

Obesity is a disease because of the complexity of the associated problems, and bariatric surgery comes as a saving solution, with spectacular long-term results for the benefit of patients.

Why is it better to have surgery in Romania?

The decision to have this intervention is made after a long process, in which all the implications of the intervention are analyzed. It is very important for the patient to understand the whole process and to have a team of competent physicians with him all the way, from pre-operative investigations to long-term monitoring.

The first Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in SE Europe

We were the first center dedicated to bariatric surgery, we are the only Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in the country and SE Europe, we have all the necessary resources for the complete treatment of obesity and its associated problems, ensuring the entire route of complex preoperative investigations, the actual surgical treatment and the post-operative monitoring program.

Communication is essential. Especially in the relationship between physician and patient

Over time we have emphasized the importance of communication with our patients, and therefore every member of the multidisciplinary team in our center is close to the patient with answers to any question.

We focus on the patient's needs and we are close to them through support groups and dedicated counseling, as well as by integrating the psychologist into the entire circuit of the bariatric patient.

At Ponderas Academic Hospital, bariatric patients have a special circuit and benefit from guidance and support right from the beginning of pre-operative investigations, with dedicated personnel – bariatric navigators.

Also, the physician-patient relationship is very important, because the trust that the patient gives to the physician must be based on very good communication in all the stages the patient goes through, both before the surgery and in the long term, during the periodic post-operative checkups. It is very important for the patient to be able to choose their physician, to be able to talk with them before the surgery, in order to understand the entire circuit of the bariatric patient, to benefit from their support throughout the hospitalization period, to receive details about the surgery, about the immediate post-operative evolution and, of course, to receive the specific recommendations upon discharge.

Risk-free post-operative recovery

At Ponderas Academic Hospital, bariatric patients benefit from standardized protocols for patient safety and surgical efficiency. The absence of medical standards for bariatric procedures in other countries means exposure to additional risks.

In the hospital there is a special package of pre-operative investigations through multidisciplinary checkups and investigations, at the end of which the patient and the surgeon will discuss about the bariatric surgery and choose together the best treatment option. Therefore, each patient goes through a complete assessment before the surgery, so that they benefit from the most appropriate surgery, adapted to their particularities, and the risks are reduced to a minimum.

You have access to the physician at any time after the intervention

We are close to you for any medical emergency through availability 24/7 at the Emergency Reception Unit at Ponderas Academic Hospital.

We are ready to take care of patients  at any time, even for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in another hospital and may experience difficulties in the post-operative period, there is always a bariatric surgeon available for medical emergencies.

In addition to the physician who will operate on you, the hospital where the surgery is performed is also of major importance. The Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery at Ponderas Academic Hospital operates at the highest international standards, having double accreditation in both the quality of medical services and patient safety. Periodically, the Center of Excellence goes through a re-accreditation process, which confirms the maintenance of quality and patient safety standards at the highest level. Thus, the patient has the certainty that they will choose the best hospital, where they will feel safe and will get the best results.

Because bariatric surgery represents a unique moment in life, when choosing a surgical center, the patient will have to take into account the expertise of the medical personnel, the number of cases treated, the experiences of patients and the hospital's facilities, which provide circuits dedicated to the bariatric patient for investigations, treatment and long-term monitoring. In the Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery in Ponderas, we have special reserve rooms, equipment, surgical instruments and medical equipment for bariatric patients..

You have at your disposal an entire medical team super-specialized in obesity surgery

With extensive experience in treating complex cases of obesity, the multidisciplinary team of physicians at Ponderas Academic Hospital is able to treat the most complex bariatric cases. Obesity problems are addressed in an integrated manner, with patients being assessed by a group of physicians from different specialties, from surgery, anesthesia, diabetes, nutrition, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, ultrasound, bone densitometry, radiology, to psychology. We treat each pathology in a multidisciplinary framework, and the biggest advantage is that each medical decision is analyzed by several specialists, so that we can provide the best solution for each patient. They go to a single hospital for all investigations and checkups required pre-operatively, for the surgery, as well as during the entire post-operative period.

The correct surgical technique used by surgeons at Ponderas represents a standard in bariatric surgery and decisively influences patient outcomes, with minimal post-operative risks. Patient safety and outcomes are the most important criteria in choosing a clinic. In Ponderas Academic Hospital, all bariatric surgeries are performed minimally invasive – by the laparoscopic or robotic method, providing a quick recovery to the patient, and also esthetic benefits, the incisions being up to 1.5 cm long.

Post-operative monitoring is the secret to the success of the intervention

At Ponderas, care and attention to the patient do not stop at the moment of discharge.

We have developed the most complex program for monitoring the evolution of each patient, so that they enjoy the best long-term outcomes and the permanent contact with the medical personnel, always attentive to the patient's needs.

Post-operative monitoring programs include customized counseling, investigations and nutritional recommendations and extend throughout the rest of patient's life, because it is important to pay attention to our health, especially after an intervention that radically changes our lives - from the physical appearance, large weight loss, decrease in visceral fat mass, improvement of body functions and increase in quality of life.

We are a team dedicated to bariatric patients and together we will go through all the stages.

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