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World Class Prostate Cancer Treatment in the Heart of NYC: Why Global Patients Choose Dr. Tewari

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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men and the leading cause of cancer death in men. Although there are numerous therapies for prostate cancer available, they are often associated with many complications, including sexual dysfunction, cancer recurrence, and long-term urination or sexual problems.  

Dr. Ash Tewari, a global leader in prostate cancer surgery, with his team at the Center for Prostate Cancer stands out as an expert in the field, with more than 9,000 prostate cancer surgeries performed with minimal or no complications. Dr. Tewari has developed an approach to prostate cancer treatment that eliminates challenges associated with traditional treatments.  

In many parts of the world, prostate cancer treatment follows an algorithm that is largely based on non-personalized studies. Diagnostic processes and treatment interventions are determined based on certain fixed metrics, which might not be suitable for every patient. Dr. Tewari leverages a unique approach to prostate cancer treatment that focuses on an individualized diagnostic process, use of innovative and cutting-edge technologies, and a consistently optimal treatment outcome.


Personalized Diagnostic Approach

Dr. Tewari leverages an individualized diagnostic process that leverages three critical components: Precision Urology, Genomics Testing, and Multiparametric MRI test. These three modalities provide a personalized diagnostic process that groups patients based on real-time data of the prostate tumor.  

Precision Urology integrates several tools, including the 4KScore, PSA levels, and other metrics to determine the need for prostatic intervention, leveraging machine learning-enabled processes to obtain and integrate data about a patient’s prostate tumor, medical and family history, and other metrics to determine the best treatment modality for them.  

Precision Urology was developed by Dr. Tewari and his team to improve the accuracy of prostate cancer treatments, based on individualized diagnostic data. The Center for Prostate Cancer also uses state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic tests, such as Prolaris, Oncotype Dx, ConfirmMDx, Precise MD, and Decipher in its initial risk assessment of patients to determine the most appropriate diagnostic or treatment intervention needed.

Dr. Tewari also leverages genomics testing to obtain relevant DNA data about the patient’s cancer.  

Using cutting edge DNA sequencing technologies, Dr. Tewari and his team are able to identify various prostate cancer types and determine which treatment is suitable for which one, and which treatment option is most appropriate for each patient.  This eliminates trial-and-error treatment approaches and ensures treatment offered are treatment found to be effective based on a patient’s genetic profile.  

Dr. Tewari also leverages the revolutionary 3 Tesla Multiparametric MRI, the new generation MRI modality that comes with enhanced digital imagery and quality. This non-invasive imaging technique has a unique advantage of not only providing radiological data about patient’s prostate tumor, it also helps differentiate a benign from a malignant tumor, data which is traditionally provided by biopsy and other invasive methods.  

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Dr. Tewari is well known for innovative technologies in Urology. He has pioneered and developed many state-of-the-art treatment techniques that offer superior outcomes and optimal treatment results.  

Dr. Tewari was part of the team that performed the first robotic radical prostatectomy in the United States. Having performed more than 9,000 of this procedure, he and his team of clinicians have developed newer and more innovative approaches to using this revolutionary minimally invasive robotic system.

Dr. Tewari developed the ART (Advanced Robotic Technique) prostatectomy, which leverages the Da Vinci robotic system to remove the prostate tumor without disrupting the structure or function of the surrounding tissues.  

The principle of the ART technique is the delicate removal of the prostate from the top of the nerve hammock with maximal clearance for preserving sexual and urinary function. The nerves are not disturbed, and nerve oxygenation is monitored during this phase of the technique, so these preserved nerves are intact and healthy.

A modification of this technique, the Hood Technique, was also designed by Dr. Tewari to limit or eliminate urinary complications of prostatectomy. The Hood Technique involves leaving as much of the prostate’s surrounding tissue intact as possible to minimize urinary problems following surgery. He has performed this technique on more than 500 patients and has yielded excellent outcomes.  

The NeuroSAFE Technique is another innovative technique developed by Dr. Tewari to deliver excellent results with minimal complications following prostate surgery. The NeuroSAFE technique incorporates pre-operative MRI based- planning for cancer removal. Using this technique, the entire nerve margin is evaluated by the pathologist in real time so that more nerves can be saved, while giving us the ability to ensure any additional cancer is seen before finishing the operation.

This nerve-sparing technique minimizes or removes one of the most challenging complications of prostate surgery, which is erectile dysfunction.


Excellent Treatment Outcomes and Recovery

These cutting-edge treatment techniques used by Dr. Tewari and his team have shown to produce excellent results with rapid clinical resolution of symptoms and absence of complications commonly found with conventional surgical approaches.  

With the nerve-sparing technique pioneered by Dr. Tewari, patients have little to nothing to worry about their sexual function post-surgery, as this approach limits exposure to vital nerves required for sexual function, urination, and other processes.  

Most of the patients treated by Dr. Tewari and his team remain continent within 18 months post-surgery. With the innovative Total Reconstructive Technique, which he employs following prostate removal, more than 97% of patients retain their continence post-surgery.

Recent data from Dr. Tewari’s treatment outcomes shows that 88% of men who have prostatectomy done by him and his team stop using pads within 6 weeks, 90% within 12 weeks, and 95% within 12 months.  

Further, with the ART technique, patients record shorter hospital stays, less blood loss faster discharge back to home and work, and with smaller scars to remind them of surgery. These techniques have delivered excellent cosmetic results as well, which also comes with reduced infection rates.  

In terms of cancer control, Dr. Tewari’s approaches have optimized cancer cure for patients, resulting in less need for post-surgery radiation therapy and hormonal therapy, as the approaches ensures lower prostate cancer margin rates.

Dr. Tewari’s team also have a post-surgery rehabilitation program that provides continuous rehabilitation and guidance on post-surgery sexual function, continence, exercises, stress management, and diet. The program delivers a holistic approach to expedite overall recovery and get the patient back to their optimal functional levels.  

Dr. Tewari and his team at the Center for Prostate Cancer are truly revolutionizing prostate cancer care. With more than 25 years treating prostate cancer and after more than 9000 robotic prostate cancer surgeries and hundreds of peer-reviewed publications in the field, Dr. Tewari and the team at the Center for Prostate Cancer are game changers in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

We recommend Dr. Ash Tewari as a global leader in prostate cancer surgery. Serving as the Chairman of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, Dr. Tewari stands out as a prostate cancer robotic surgeon leader. With over 25 years of expertise in robotic-assisted prostate surgery, he has successfully performed over 9,000 procedures.  


In addition, he has contributed to the scientific community with over 250 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and textbooks on prostate cancer and robotic surgery. Renowned for his expertise in sexual-function nerve-sparing prostate cancer surgery - Dr. Tewari is a pioneer in innovative treatments for intermediate to aggressive cancers. Furthermore, he leads numerous pivotal clinical trials in this field.  


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