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Agenda Topic Contest - 5th World Medical Tourism Congress

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The simplest way to find out what people want from your organization, product or service is to ask them. The Medical Tourism Association would like to follow this simple best marketing practice in order to identify new and innovative topics to complete our agenda for the upcoming 5th World Medical Tourism Congress that will take place on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami during October 24-26th.

We encourage everyone who has participated in our congress in the past and everyone with an interest in the medical tourism industry in general to give us their feedback about new and innovative topics that have not been discussed and that attendees would love.

What are we looking for?

*New and cutting edge medical tourism and global benefits related topics and suggested speakers.

Who can participate in this contest?

* Everyone with an interest in the industry that would like to receive answers to questions that have not been answered yet.

What would I get by participating in this contest?

* FREE REGISTRATION to attend the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress!

What are the rules to participate in this contest?

*Provide new topics that have not been included already in our Agenda. Refer to the 2012 Agenda to check the most updated topics of discussion.

*Up to 3 topics will be chosen as the most innovative ones and they will be submitted for review to our Committee in order to be included in the final agenda of the Congress.

* Please, submit your suggested topics to: no later than April 18th including the following information:

Subject line: Agenda Topic Contest – 5th World Medical Tourism Congress

First Name:

Last Name:

Company Name:

Organization Type:

Email address:

Phone Number:

We are looking forward to receive your most exciting topics!

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