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Almater Hospital :: Silver Sponsor at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress (South Florida-Oct 24-26)

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The Medical Tourism Congress is proud to announce Almater Hospital as a silver sponsor of the largest educational and networking platform in the medical tourism industry. Twenty years ago, Almater Hospital had the dream to offer the people of Mexicali a world-class hospital. After a long chain of efforts, a lot of dedication and a significant learning process, today Almater Hospital has made its dream come true. Nonetheless, the dream is greater now.

The organization is proud to service patients from other cities in the state and abroad, in order to continue reinforcing every aspect of their business: better personnel, more advanced technology and better installations to continue being the hospital that best responds to the medical needs of the region and of international patients.

Their services include: external consultation, emergencies, hospitalization and pharmacy among others. In addition, Almater offers specific programs such as hemodynamics, chest pain clinic and gastrointestinal video endoscopy.

During its 21 years of operations, Almater has been characterized by its constant growth. Only in 1989, the number of hospitals grew by 60%. The great work they do for the community, the state of the art technology and the humanitarism of the professionals working for the organization have made Almater the most important private hospital in the region of Mexicali.

The Tourism and Convention Committee of the Municipality of Mexicali (COTUCO) will support Almater's participation at the Congress and will be part of this international platform which will enable Mexicali to promote its destination in order to attract national and international tourism and support its initiative to promote Mexicali Medical Services internationally.

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The Medical Tourism Association encourages participants of the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress to connect with the members of Almater Hospital in the networking platform and to pre-schedule one-on-one meetings at their booth during the Congress.

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