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European Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress 2018: Benefits to Stakeholders

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Holding in Athens, Greece from May 14th to 15th this year is the largest gathering of leaders, investors, and major players in the health tourism industry across Europe with discussions centered on current trends and strategies to reshape the market and build a stronger international health travel network in Europe.

With renowned healthcare professionals, leaders of healthcare institutions, and government officials speaking at the event, participants will be empowered and challenged to recreate the medical tourism industry of the future in Europe.

Discussions will range from attracting investment opportunities to the European market, leveraging technology, optimizing healthcare infrastructure, and incorporating and developing precision medicine in healthcare practice in Europe.

Seasoned healthcare analysts and leaders who will be speaking at the event include Dr. Vassili G. Apostolopoulos CEO of Athens Medical Group, one of the largest healthcare groups in Greece, Heitnam Hassoun Medical Director-International at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Renee-Marie Stephano CEO and Founder of Global Healthcare Resources and President of Medical Tourism Association, to name a few.

Attendees of this event would be educated and incited in different key areas to re-strategize and redesign models to boost the health travel market in their respective healthcare institutions, provinces, and countries as a whole. Our speakers in the following areas will empower attendees.

The Role of Global Marketing in Medical Tourism

Stakeholders at the event will receive insights into the necessary marketing and entrepreneurial strategies for expanding their medical tourism markets. Speakers would share marketing tips employed by leaders and major key players in health travel industry. This is a key and useful resource for budding markets and leaders in the sector to cause phenomenal expansion in the business.

Topics in this area include examining elements of global marketing in today’s business world and understanding the differences between domestic and international marketing. These discussions are sure to transfer a wealth of knowledge of successful models of health travel across Europe and the world at large.

Role of Precision Medicine in the future of healthcare

Precision medicine is a novel field which is already sweeping through major medical specialties including oncology, infectious disease, and cardiology in Europe. From personalizing medications to fit each patient’s genetic profile to determine a patient’s susceptibility to disease, precision medicine is the future of healthcare.

Health leaders and medical directors have begun to see the need in making healthcare personalized to each patient by investing in biogenetic engineering and precision medicine.

Attendees will gain insight into the impact of precision medicine on current clinical practice and its potential for the future of medicine. They will also be involved in high-level discussions on how precision medicine has become a marketing tool for major players in the health travel industry and how it has revolutionized patient care and medical travel.

How to Build International Partnerships and Expand Global Reach

International partnerships are one of the major tools for advancing medical tourism market of a healthcare institution or a country. Speakers will touch on major international partnerships that have reshaped health travel across the world and in Europe particularly.

Attendees will be shown methods and strategies for attracting high-profile collaborations with leading healthcare institutions and the impact of such partnerships on capacity building, disease management and surveillance, technological advancement, and medical travel.

At the event, also, investors, medical directors, healthcare leaders, government representatives and owners of healthcare groups can get involved in talks that will kick-off partnerships and collaborations that will impact Europe’s stake in health tourism.

First-Hand Access to Latest Trends and Insight in European Health Tourism

Attendees will be served first-hand insights into the European medical tourism market, the current trends, how insurers are disrupting the game in Europe, and how accreditation is becoming a major tool for advancing health tourism in the region.

Stakeholders would learn about the criteria and standards for accreditation by renowned accreditors such as Joint Commission International and Global Healthcare Accreditation. These discussions would also empower attendees with needed information on the impact of accreditation in various healthcare groups across Europe and how they can focus on it to boost their stake in the market.

Speakers will discuss various challenges facing the industry in Europe, strategies in place to redefine the European health travel sector, government-private partnerships, channels of investments, and current trends in corporate wellness and disease management in Europe.

Attendees will be led to a deeper understanding of the role of insurance companies in medical travel, how these companies have changed to support international health travel and what changes they need to make in their respective healthcare facilities in terms of patient care, quality and safety of services, and accountability to be able to work in concert with these companies for maximal income in the market.

Gain Insight from Attaches

Attendees will gain insight into referral programs and how they have changed over time. This model of medical tourism has led to mutual benefits between participating countries and institutions. However, things have begun to take a new dimension and Governments and Healthcare leaders are beginning to increase their standards of what defines as quality care and this is reshaping patient referrals.

Attendees will, therefore, be equipped with the strategies to improve their visibility and marketability, making them choice referral centers for international health travel.

Network with Key Leaders and Decision Makers

An essential component of successful enterprise is connection with top clients, and there is no better place to meet with major players, prospective buyers, buyers, and government officials in the international health travel industry than the forthcoming European Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress.

Attendees will hear first-hand quality standards as defined by buyers and referring nations who have Europe as a target of new collaborations. Stakeholders at the event will also meet with medical directors, chief medical officers, and healthcare leaders across Europe to secure new business partnerships which would lead, ultimately, to a phenomenal growth of health tourism in their institutions, provinces, countries, and in Europe as a whole.

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