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Is it better to network in person or online to succeed in the medical tourism industry?

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The answer is you need to do both. Building your business network in person and online is crucial to succeed in this fast growing industry.

Networking in person is simply more personal, since you have the opportunity to meet the person, not the profile. People you meet in person are more likely to stand out in your memory. Industry events, also offer the chance to meet people at all levels in your industry in order to ask each other questions, share experiences and develop business partnerships, especially when it comes to a global industry like this one. The truth is nothing beats personal contact and conversations.

The big buzz in medical tourism conferences and events is attendee networking. For example, the 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress hosts thousands of attendees, so the networking challenge is.. how do attendees connect with other attendees to maximize their time at the event?

You need to start networking before you even go to the event. It’s important to know who your fellow attendees will be and what their business, or expertise is. In particular, take the time to meet the speakers at the conference. They are the industry influencers who can help you get better connected in your targeted industry, or who may even be able to share ideas with you or give you valuable advice.

Meeting someone in person means you have one more person to network with online. Once you've made that connection, you can continue it online or personally as you will.

Take action. Network online. Network at industry conferences. You never know where the next great connection will happen for you.

The 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will open its networking platform and mobile app for all attendees on August 1st. All participants will be able to connect and preschedule meetings before and during the event. Follow these recommendations and your networking experience will be a complete success! To attend the Congress register at:

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