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J'gerwinkel Private Clinic - Silver Sponsor & Speaker at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress

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The 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is proud to welcome the J'gerwinkel Private Clinic as a Silver Sponsor and Speaker at the largest educational and networking platform in the medical tourism industry.

The J'gerwinkel Private Clinic, located at Lake Tegernsee (a mere 40 minute drive from Munich Airport) has a long tradition of being one of Germany's most renowned private hospitals. With a high-competence team of physicians, physiotherapists and nurses, they offer a comprehensive range of services for preventive care, therapy and rehabilitation.

The clinic specializes in orthopedics, internal medicine, cardiology and psychosomatics. Their treatment plans, besides following a psychosomatic approach, also include approaches based on complementary and alternative medicine all aimed at achieving sustained healing for our patients.

Another aspect to the private clinic is its unique atmosphere.The clinic is located in Southern Bavaria, in the immediate vicinity of beautiful Lake Tegernsee, with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain range. It meets the highest standards of a first-class hotel in every respect.

They believe in the fact that an attractive environment is an important asset to effective medicine and rapid recovery.

Dr. med. Martin Marianowicz (Munich/Germany) will be a speaker at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress and a participant of the

Medical Director Summit which will take place during the congress. He has pioneered orthopedic pain therapy and minimally invasive spine and disctreatment, and is considered one of Europe's most renowned back specialists.

Specialized inorthopedics, chirotherapy and sports medicine, his main areas of activity are inpatient and outpatient orthopedic pain therapy – in his Munich-based Marianowicz Center, and as Medical Director of the J'gerwinkel Private Clinic, Bad Wiessee.

Dr. Marianowicz holds Presidency of the Central and Eastern European Section of the World Institute of Pain, and the German Societyfor Spinal Endoscopy and Interventional Pain Management.

Our Jaegerwinkel Private Clinic isconsidered one of Germany’s finest private clinics, when preventive medical care, rehabilitation and pain therapy in orthopedics, cardiology and internal medicine is an issue. As we’re seeing patients coming in from across Europe and beyond for treatment and consultancy, we would like to share our expertise with market leaders in the medical tourism business from around the world. Said Dr. Martin Marianowicz, Medical Director.

The World Medical Tourism Congress, in our view, is a highly professional, globally-oriented platform and excellent setup for clinics like ours. It perfectly suits our needs for presenting top-notch medical care Made in Germany, to the US market also”. Added Gabriele Appel, Marketing Manager.

From 27-29 July, 2012, the
Jaegerwinkel Private Clinic will be showcasing Europe’s biggest walk-through colon model at their Bad Wiessee clinical campus (65 x 10 ft). We would like to inform the public on the risks of colon cancer, encourage people to undergo early recognition and show them the latest in preventive medical care respectively. Commented Gabriele Appel, Marketing Manager.

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