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Japan - Gold Sponsor of the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress (South Florida Ocotber 24-26th)

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Japan, a country with excellent healthcare service, will be a gold sponsor of the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress which will take place on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami October 24-26th.

The Japan Tourism Agency was inaugurated on October 1, 2008. The Japanese government is currently working to enhance tourism-related measures, towards the ultimate goal of creating a tourism nation.

The JTA was newly established as an organization to serve as the hub for these efforts, and drive their deployment.

In addition to carrying out measures to expand international tourism exchange such as the Visit Japan Campaign, the JTA works to prepare a national environment friendly to tourist travel.

This includes creating appealing tourist destinations in Japan, upgrading tourism industries to fit traveler needs, promoting training and utilization of talent in the tourism field, encouraging the Japanese people to take vacations, and preparing safety measures for Japanese travelers abroad.

Japan’s Roadmap to 30 Million International Visitors

The Japanese government has been strongly supporting medical tourism. The newly appointed Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency led the Medical Tourism Promotion Assembly in June 2012.

The Assembly reflected the strong momentum in Far East Asia, with over 100 participants, including representatives from Russia.

In addition, the Japanese government is providing cohesive supports for medical tourism, under the cross-sectorial collaboration between Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, and Japan Tourism Agency.

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) would like to appeal the true strength of Japan�s medical service offerings to the MTA attendees and help Japan to establish the reputation as one of the top medical tourism destinations.

In addition, JTA views that the
Medical Tourism Congress is a perfect place to exchange information on the current trend in the medical tourism business, and we will be able to share the most up-to-date status of the industry with Japanese counterparts back home said Naoko Miake, member of the Japanese delegation attending the congress.

The number of foreign tourists to Japan has been recovering steadily after the temporary decrease after the earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident, given the fact that the radiological dosage in Japan has been kept at the level of other major cities in the world, and this information has been correctly shared globally. In June 2012, the number of tourists exceeded the pre-accident 2010 level.

Japan Tourism Agency would like to gain more presence for Japan as a medical tourism destination. JTA, as a government organization, would like to welcome patients in a safe, reliable and comfortable environment for all kind of patients/guests Mrs. Miake added.

Medical tourism service providers have been growing steadily. There are coordinators and medical institutions that are accepting patients regularly from China and Russia. For example, the focal point for the ion beam oncology center was set up to coordinate the heavy ion radiotherapy, which Japan has the second most facilities in the world.

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The 5th World Medical Tourism Congress is the largest educational and networking platform in the medical tourism industry welcoming expert speakers from different fields and key industry players such as international healthcare providers, government organizations, insurance companies, medical tourism facilitators, travel agents among other players in the global healthcare industry.

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