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Lufthansa to exhibit at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress

Industry News

We are proud to announce Lufthansa as one of the exhibitors of the 5th World Medical Tourism Congresswhich will take place on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami on October 24-26th.

Lufthansa, a Star alliance member, with its network that connects more than 200 destinations worldwide via its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, has established itself as a provider of state-of-the-art medical transport.

Lufthansa’s network is ideal for connecting patients to and from the United States, India, Turkey, Middle East and Europe as well as other popular medical destinations. A growing number of medical travelers have used Lufthansa’s Global Healthcare Mobility Partner Program, which is designed to simplify the travel process and cater to the needs of international patients with comfort, flexibility and affordability.

Besides the Global Healthcare Program for medical tourism and the Medical Repatriation and Emergency Program for sitting cases, Lufthansa also offers Oxygen, Stretcher Service and the exclusive Patient Transport Compartment (PTC).

Lufthansa is constantly monitoring medical travel-related services and looking for ways to even further enhance the overall experience for the patient, and the company continues to cooperate with health care facilities and facilitators in order to ensure a leadership role in the medical transportation industry.

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