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The 5th World Medical Tourism Congress welcomes Global Call Forwarding as an Exhibitor

Industry News will be a sponsor of the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress which will take place in Ft Lauderdale/Miami on Ocotber 24-26th. The Congress is the largest educational and networking platform in the medical tourism industry welcoming up to 2,000 attendees from 100 countries. is a leading provider of local and toll free phone numbers worldwide. The company offers phone numbers and call forwarding services in over 150 countries and thousands of cities. is owned and operated by United World Telecom, a leading switch-based telecommunications service provider with 16+ years of experience providing telecom services to individuals, businesses, and multinational corporations worldwide.

In a world where much is accomplished via the Internet, a live voice over a telephone still has tremendous power to generate additional business opportunities or to provide superb customer service worldwide, said Anibal Manzo, Marketing Manager.

GlobalCallForwarding makes available, to the exhibitors and the attendees alike, local or toll free phone numbers around the world to provide local point of contact for their customers in their specific country and city. Medical care isn't just local anymore, and GlobalCallForwarding helps you tear down the distance barrier by providing your current and prospective patrons with easily accessible local or toll free telephone numbers, he added.

Is your office located in the USA, but does business in Great Britain? An easy solution for establishing a local point of contact is to own a local phone number in the main cities you do business, with the ring tone configured as a local ring tone to an English caller.

When potential or current customers need to reach you, all they need to do is to dial the local number in that specific British city and the call will instantly be forwarded to your office in the USA within seconds.

Just the same way, we can forward calls from local or toll free numbers you own in any country to your office phone numbers wherever it may be located. Only you and GlobalCallForwarding know where you are; your patrons are just making a local call.

GlobalCallForwarding opens up a huge spectrum for the Medical Tourism stakeholders with more than a single-city reach. Coupled with the power of your professional network, GlobalCallForwarding services provide you with the strongest possible business and service tool to deliver quick and accurate information along with a warm voice to clients in every location or country you do business, commented Anibal Manzo, Marketing Manager.

GlobalCallForwarding breaks down the wall between countries through local or toll free numbers The service is surprisingly affordable and an unquestionably strong tool with immediate results.

Our goal for the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress is to network with the industry partakers and share with them how they can achieve virtual international presence using GlobalCallForwardings innovative, reliable, and inexpensive telecom services said Anibal Manzo, Marketing Manager.


GlobalCallForwarding will allow progressive businesses to stay in contact with customers in a number of locations, while never leaving your single office location. Smart business operators can choose either a local phone number for any given location, or a universal toll-free number for exclusive use by clients. This system works for calls within a single country, or multiple countries through call forwarding via the GlobalCallForwarding Network.

Known for high call quality and clarity as well as fast connections, GlobalCallForwarding also offers a number of free advanced features. The best part is, the services are highly scalable, and a custom package can be designed for every customer. Some examples are:

  • The ring tone on every single local or toll free number may be customized to match the local ring tone or any other ring tone that is used around the world.
  • Incoming calls can be forwarded to multiple phone numbers based on the time of the day and day of the week so multiple time zones in various parts of the world may be covered by different call centers.
  • A customized voice message may be recorded to greet customers when they call a local or toll free number or an advanced IVR/PBX may be activated in combination with other features to handle complex needs of global businesses.
  • Carry over your unused minutes from one month to the next. The Flexible Rollover Minutes is an optional feature.

Global Call Forwarding is an efficient and inexpensive way to maintain a high profile presence with your clients, whether they are in the next town, next country, or on the next continent. Nothing can replace the professionalism of a warm, human voice answering a telephone and providing critical customer support information or closing a sale. In today's highly technical computerized world, the telephone is still a powerful and an inexpensive tool.

For more information visit GlobalCallForwarding at

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