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Opportunites for Strategic Collaboration at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress (South Florida, October 24-26th)

Industry News

Collaboration and cooperation between health care industry stakeholders is a necessary strategic step on the road towards the advancement of global health care. Medical tourism provides creative and effective opportunities in times of healthcare reform for interconnected industries such as voluntary benefits, self-funding, global benefits, and corporate wellness and this is one of the reasons why our 5th World Medical Tourism Congress will be fully integrated with the 3rd Global Benefits Conference and the 4th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, one of the largest insurance conferences in the United States.

In the case of self-funding – where the employer of an organization assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees – medical tourism helps reduce overall costs to be incurred by an employer.

Similarly, voluntary employee benefits – insurance products that an employee may purchase through their employer at reduced rates – could also provide cost savings through adopting medical tourism, reducing costs to employers and providing value-added opportunity to employees.

The goal of corporate wellness programs is to create healthier and more productive employees, which results in a mutual benefit for the individual and the company. Allowing employees to travel for preventative care and wellness is shown to result in employee retention, reduced absenteeism, as well as an overall reduction in healthcare costs for preventative conditions.

Global Benefits
, offered by multinational employers and insurers, plays a very large role and future in the medical tourism industry as they will be the first to implement medical tourism plans in their global networks.

Medical Tourism represents not only an alternative way to satisfy patients domestically and internationally, but it also offers significant cost savings to employers, benefit plans and insurers.

Our annual congress, which will take place on the Beach in Hollywood, Florida (Ocotber 24-26th) provides an international educational and networking platform to bring the players together to learn, share and build business opportunities. Our integrated networking platform will allow all participants to connect prior to the event and pre-schedule one-on-one networking meeting at the congress.

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) has also launched two certifications and professional designations for both insurance/HR professionals and travel agents. The certification workshops, being held at the congress, will allow insurance and HR professionals and travel agents to take away from their courses the tools necessary to develop strong health and wellness travel programs, and further their understanding of the requisites for implementation and sustainable growth of this niche market opportunity.

Explore new opportunities and expand your focus thinking strategically about the future of your business so that you can be among the first ones to capitalize on the global trends of the healthcare industry! 

Come, Connect, Collaborate at the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress!

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