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The Farm at San Benito: Exceptional Healing Environment for Holistic Treatment

Complementary & Alternative Medicine
The Farm at San Benito, a multi-award winning health resort in the Philippines, is one such case of taking an idea far to prove a point. Here, the point is that the one’s appreciation of oneself holistically brings about and sustains the gift of wellness.

Take an idea, and take that idea to the hilt, one is certain to find great chances of remarkable successes.

The Farm at San Benito, a multi-award winning health resort in the Philippines, is one such case of taking an idea far to prove a point. Here, the point is that the one’s appreciation of oneself holistically brings about and sustains the gift of wellness.

The Farm, which traces its roots to organic farming in Lipa, Batangas province, came about as the world witnessed a stronger surge of return-to-nature initiatives.

In the assessment of The Farm owners, the nature of man is not one-dimensional, limited to his physical being. The physical aspect is only part of his totality which includes the other facets of his being – the spiritual, mental and emotional.

From this concept, The Farm laid out its holistic approach to healing with programs addressing health issues at various levels. And setting the programs amid the backdrop of poetry-inspiring natural environment, The Farm was well on its way to inviting its clients to benefit from this concept  — to the max.

The Farm is an easy two-hour drive south of the capital of Manila. With over 48-hectares of verdant tropical landscaping, this sprawling resort offers an exceptional healing environment for the holistic treatment of the body, mind and soul.

The Farm is Asia’s center of excellence for the promotion of wellness, the prevention of
illness and the holistic treatment of health-related conditions. Their team of experts includes licensed medical doctors, nurses and therapists.

Whether one is healthy and would like to be healthier or are seeking relief from a chronic disease, their role is to provide expertise, knowledge and clinical care through applied natural therapy modalities, both traditional and cutting-edge and to guide clients in achieving health goals.

The Farm’s Medical Programs are tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals. Its expertise includes, but is not limited to, weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, infertility, autoimmune diseases, kidney, liver, gallbladder, colon and body detoxification, digestive dysfunctions, allergies and food sensitivities, cellulite, and cardiovascular dysfunctions.

Upon receipt of client inquiry, they will provide a Guest Medical Intake form. The information clients provide will be reviewed by their medical doctors to formulate a treatment plan relevant to their specific needs and goals. Their standard programs are offered for varying lengths of stay. In addition to the application of medical modalities, their programs include activities intended to enhance health: Tai Chi, fitness programs, yoga, guided meditation, Tibetan exercise, Rotational Meridian exercise, stretch classes, breathing and walking exercise classes, meditation and spiritual development classes.

The Wellness program is intended to offer an introduction to their approach to health. The program offers an enjoyable nutritional program rich in fiber and live enzymes to stimulate and support the body in eliminating stored toxins. Spa treatments offer relaxation to support the body’s inherent healing ability.

Their Wellness programs may include a medical consultation to offer you an assessment of your state of health. Medical treatments may also be added to your Wellness program with approval from the medical doctor who completed your assessment.

Their Cuisine – founded on the theories of Hippocrates, “The Father of Medicine”, their cuisine supports their wellness and medical programs. They offer only vegan food (no animal protein: no dairy, no eggs). Their meals are prepared using only the highest quality organic, unrefined and wholesome, all-natural ingredients, and are prepared so as to retain to the fullest the nutritional qualities of the ingredients.

A great number of their vegetables and herbs are grown organically in their own garden, and served fresh. Their food preparations are either raw or cooked at very low heat to preserve the integrity and efficacy of vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential to your body’s health.

The environment provides sensory inputs to which the body and mind respond. The Farm’s environment is intended to support relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. Nature, mountains, water, fresh air replenish energy and boost health.

They utilize water from their own natural water source: the water present underground is of uncommon purity. It is made available to all their guests and is used in the preparation of their foods.

Their gardens include a variety of medicinal herbs and tropical plants. Rocks adorn the gardens and enhance the energy of the grounds. Reserved sitting areas located throughout the gardens may be enjoyed for meditation, reading, relaxing and being quietly with nature. Their facilities include a gym, four swimming pools, jogging trails, and walking paths.

An inherent quality of their employees is the love to serve and care for people. Being nurtured is an essential element of health. They continuously strive to provide superior service in delighting their guests. You will always be warmed by a candid smile from every employee greeting you.

For more information on their spa and medical services and other inquiries, you may contact The Farm Manila Sales Office at Tel. No. (63) 2 884 8074 or visit their website at

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