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Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council - Diamond Sponsor of the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress

Industry News

Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council (THTDC) has been working as a medical tourism cluster in Turkey since 2008. It has been established by the efforts of founding chairman Emin Cakmak , the owner and the general manager of Hello Tourism in Istanbul.

Their current executive president, Mrs. Selin Peker has been one of the pioneers of medical tourism in Turkey. She has been in the business since 12 years and she is the Executive Board Member and Assistant General Manager for World Eye Hospitals Group.

THTDC's goal is to bring all means of medical tourism under one umbrella. The members of the group include national and international governmental institutions, hospitals, clinics, doctors, medical tourism facilitators, travel agencies, hotels and thermal hotels.

THTDC will be the Diamond Sponsor of the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress which will take place on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Ocotber 24-26th.

According to founding chairman, Emin Cakmak, sponsoring the congress is very important since the Council has participated during the last four years with the goal of promoting Turkey as a healthcare destination. We would like to increase awareness of our destination and use this platform to network and build new business relationships as well as to brand Turkey as a leader in the industry said Mr. Cakmak.

Mr. Cakamak shared with the Medical Tourism Association the exciting news happening at the Council. THTDC has 198 industry service provider members. THTDC has become the biggest and largest healthcare cluster in the world Mr. Cakmak declared. Last year, we received 587.000 foreign patients from 94 countries which provided 3.5 bil USD in direct income from Health Tourism, he added.

THTDC has established a global network of offices in 57 countries during the last 5 years in 94 cities and more than 12.000 doctors are integrated within their network offices, serving and supporting our patients before and after any procedure.

Purpose of the Council

The main goal of our council is to promote Turkey as one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world by partnering with individuals and institutions that have been carrying out activities for years in order to enhance Turkey's international brand in this industry.

Turkey Representative of Medical Tourism Association

Our Council is the authorized representative of U.S. based Medical Tourism Association, which is the world leader in the Medical Tourism industry serving as the driving force of the sector. With the protocol executed in Chicago on 16 April 2009, the Council became the partner of MTA as its representative in Turkey.

The Medical Tourism Association, organizer of the World Medical Tourism Congress willl carry out several activities in the future in order to improve medical tourism in Turkey providing support for the medical service providers and working closely with the Council.

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