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Istanbul's Newest Hospital will Open this Year

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Liv Hospital Ulus, located in the center of Istanbul; Ulus – BeÅŸiktaÅŸ, is set to open at the end of 2012. This hospital will be the start of a new brand for the Medical Park Hospitals Group in Turkey, and will have the capability to treat 350,000 patients a year. The main specialty, amongst many, will be Oncology. Not only will this hospital provide top-notch treatment to those in need, its design is something special; the architecture was inspired by how the organism is structured.

Medical Park Hospitals Group in Turkey, a group of private hospitals developed in 1995, provides service in various cities in Turkey with 13 hospitals, two hospital complexes, two medical centers and 8000 employees.  Four of the hospitals in this group have JCI Accreditation , Liv Hospital is in the process of acquiring this also, and expects to be accredited by mid 2013.

Below Gökhan YuÄŸrucu, Manager of International Marketing and Group Operations of Medical Park Hospitals Group, discussed the outlook of the hospital, specialties and the importance of “Personalized Medicine” offered to patients.

How many patients is Liv Hospital expecting to attract?

The capacity of patients is over 350,000 patients in a year with the 44 different special clinics. Liv Hospital is capable to perform over 10,000 surgeries within its eight operating theatres and nearly 10,000 cardiac angiographies in a catheter lab.

Liv Hospital Ulus is ready to take care of almost 15,000 radiation oncology patients and 5,000 chemotherapy patients in a year.

What is the main specialty of the hospital?

The main idea is “Personalized Medicine”.  If we want to emphasize main clinical functions, Liv Hospital Ulus is going to focus on Oncology – in a multidisciplinary approach with all aspects including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Stem-cell Research and Implementation, Regenerative Medicine, Genetic Research Center, Neurosurgery, Cardiac Care & Vascular Diseases, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Three Tesla MRI, PET-CT and Breast PET-CT, intraoperative radiotherapy and LINAC with Trubeam will help our specialists to give the best medical care to our patients with the support of experienced nursing staff.

Liv Hospital Ulus will have laboratories with GMP standards in order to perform clinical stem-cell implementations first in Turkey.

As Regenerative Medicine strives to figure out the root cause of the specific illness and treat accordingly this will help Liv Hospital to implement the main idea, “Personalized Medicine” in clinical practice.

Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and Orthopedics departments will be performing with the best technological infrastructure available in private hands, which are among the leaders in clinical practice and highly reputable physicians.

With the assistance of “Robotic Surgery” our experienced surgeons will be performing minimally invasive surgery in many different areas. The patients will take the advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery; which are shorter hospital stays, less pain as well as fewer scars.

Genetic Research Center will be the support system in order to treat firstly oncology patients as well as all other patients in accordance with our plan of “Personalized Medicine”.

What is the target market? How will the hospital target these patients?

The target market for Liv Hospital Ulus is going to be the people who care about themselves firstly, regarding our philosophy; “Personalized Medicine.” It is going to be the first address for patients who are suffering from complex medical situations and in need of multidisciplinary treatments. Also the state of the art medical technology will accompany esteemed physicians with extensive academic backgrounds.

Will this hospital have an international patient department?

The International Patient Department is going to open with a team of 10 people to start with; this team will help international patients feel comfortable and like they are in their home country.

Do you expect this hospital to see a large number of international patients?

Liv Hospital will be a magnet for international patients, approximately 350 million people living in the neighboring countries, as well as domestic patients looking over the medical staff and state of the art technology combined with perfectionism and team work of dedicated staff.

How many world class surgeons are employed there?

Almost all of the surgeons who will be practicing in Liv Hospital have an academic background. Most of them have been engaged in valuable U.S. medical institutions as well as Turkey’s outstanding university hospitals.

What percentage of the staff will be bilingual and what is the primary language spoken, other than their native language?

Regarding their academic background all of our physicians are bilingual, where the main language is English. In addition to this, the International Patient Services Department will help our medical staff in taking care of patients coming from nearby countries such as Russia, Romania, Iraq, UAE, etc.

How do you expect this hospital to affect medical tourism in Turkey?

Liv Hospitality will attract the international patients with innovative implementations to patient care, not to just medical practice. Experienced physicians will be working in a multidisciplinary manner which will be perfect for patient care. The combination of a compassionate approach and innovation will create an outstanding patient experience in Liv Hospital.


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