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COVID-19 and Medical Tourism
Wellness Travel & Tourism

COVID-19 and Medical Tourism in the United States

Millions of Americans keep traveling every year to access quality and timely healthcare at a fraction of a cost in the US. But as the pandemic dealt a blow to the travel industry, the number dwindled substantially, raising a lot of uncertainty about the future of health travel in the country.

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Wellness Travel & Tourism

Wellness Travel Will Be the Focus in the Post-Pandemic Era

The coronavirus has upended every aspect of life and heightened mental health concerns for most people. Given this, many people now desire to take wellness trips to renew their mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing when the crisis is over.

Opiod Addiction
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A Tour for Recovery, Not a Vacation from Treatment

Few illnesses cripple the mind and consume the body like drug addiction. Few illnesses crush the soul like opioid addiction, causing friends and family to struggle deeply and search greatly for a treatment center that is safe and effective.

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Wellness Travel & Tourism

A Tourist of Hope: My Story About Medical Tourism

Your legal safety is critical to your safety in general. To avoid harm, be an informed patient. In so doing, you will be a better medical tourist. You will be a safer traveler, too.

Wellness Travel & Tourism

How Hong Kong’s Health System Favors Outward Medical Tourism

These alarmingly long wait times are typical for almost all public hospitals in Hong Kong, as the increased demand for healthcare in the city exceeds the capacity of medical manpower available.

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